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  1. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-sports/adrian-peterson-hints-that-drop-in-production-was-about-offensive-lines-blocking-for-him Listen to AP. It's that horrendous offensive line in Arizona.
  2. tplbge

    week 4 stream def/st

    Jets (had 10 days to prepare) against the Jags hoping that last week's Bortles shows up.
  3. tplbge

    Biggest Bust of 2018?

    Bell, Cook, and Baldwin.
  4. They simply have no offensive line for any qb that dares to go back there.
  5. tplbge

    Is Goedert going to become a Thing ?

    https://247sports.com/nfl/philadelphia-eagles/Bolt/Carson-Wentz-was-the-reason-Eagles-selected-Dallas-Goedert-117782641/ Might be the start of something good.
  6. tplbge

    Crystal Ball - Waiver Wire Gem 2016

    Jordan Howard in Chicago.
  7. tplbge

    Crystal Ball - Waiver Wire Gem 2016

    Beast mode wants back in. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/marshawn-lynch-is-reportedly-thinking-about-making-an-nfl-comeback/
  8. tplbge

    Preseason Week 4

    RG3 and Out RG3 Int Listen to the Skins fans and don't do it.
  9. tplbge

    FF playoffs...Dumb

    Just get me to a bowl game. I don't need no stinkin playoffs.
  10. tplbge

    Fanduel Thursday night

    Great call!
  11. You mean use the switch?
  12. I'd lean Hoyer here but you'd much prefer to have Vontae Davis not play this weekend (in either qb's case).
  13. tplbge

    Hoyer & Cleveland

    Anybody think this is coachspeak? Enter Manziel on the 2nd series would provide quite the wtf for the defense.
  14. tplbge

    Week 14 Streaming QBs

    I'd avoid Sanchez and would even start Eli or Orton over him this week.
  15. No question that CJ has earned the starting roll with the full workload.