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  1. Illini4evr

    Dujuan Harris

    i'm hurting at depth at RB and am wondering the same. i could drop rudolph or austin but not sure
  2. Illini4evr

    Trade: I. Crowell for D. Thomas

    Thanks for the input. League is PPR with 3 WR plus flex (WR/RB/TE). Was thinking of grabbing Morris off FA for Rudolph. Not much else appealing in the RB FA market though.
  3. Illini4evr

    Trade: I. Crowell for D. Thomas

    in 1st place, low on RB's, got offered I. Crowell for D. Thomas, thoughts? Team: QB: T. Brady, B. Roth RB: E. Elliott, L. Miller, R. Jennings WR: D. Thomas, T. Pryor, R. Cobb, M. Crabtree, T. Austin, M. Wallace TE: G. Olsen, K. Rudolph K: M. Bryant DEF: Seattle, Arizona
  4. Illini4evr

    QB( Palmer vs Eli ) and RB( Matthews vs Hillman )

    In the same QB boat. Still undecided but as of right now I have Palmer as my starter. He's been on the up for the past few weeks while Manning has been on the down but as you said it could be a shootout with GB. It'd be nice to get a few others to weigh in. I'm in 3rd but could move to 1st or possibly drop to 6th depending on this week.
  5. Illini4evr

    Mikel LeShoure

    Leshoure FTW
  6. Illini4evr

    Bears D

    As a Bears fan for life, ridiculous 1st quarter.
  7. Illini4evr

    WR roulette

  8. Illini4evr


    Do it 10 minutes ago!
  9. Illini4evr

    My Post-Trade Roster Dilemma

    I'd go Hicks on this. The only other option in my mind is Titus and while he could have a good game Hicks is more proven and I could see this game ramping up in score. Giants have the 2nd most passing yards in the league so I'd say Hicks.
  10. Illini4evr

    WR roulette

    Need to pick 2 between VJax, Steve Smith, and Titus. I'm already starting Percy and Wayne so these would be my 3rd receiver/flex spots. I'm leaning towards Steve Smith and Titus. Thoughts? Post yours and I'll respond.
  11. Illini4evr

    Flacco isn't a good quarterback

    He's not even drafted in my league.
  12. If it was, I know I wouldn't be playing in that league.
  13. Illini4evr

    Best Fantasy Team Names

    Had a guy in my league last year with this name.
  14. Illini4evr

    leshoure vs bears D

    I'd avoid the situation. As a Bears fan the run D has been solid. He could get a few short dump offs and will have to earn the yards.
  15. Illini4evr

    Martellus Bennett or Fred Davis? Ppr

    I'd go Davis. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=410852