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  1. The Bears Still Suck

    Championship Game - QB's

    Ryan, pretty sure Tenn has the #1 pass d http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=337037
  2. The Bears Still Suck

    Rhodes or Jacobs?

    Assuming Jacobs is at full strength, you have to start him over Rhodes. Everything I've seen has shown Rhodes and Addai to be splitting carries. It's closer if Rhodes is the starter, but I think I'd still start Jacobs. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.p...howtopic=337037
  3. The Bears Still Suck

    Will Anthony Gonzo Be The Mo-Fo?

    Good point, I think I might start him. Would you play Edwards over Housh?
  4. The Bears Still Suck

    Will Anthony Gonzo Be The Mo-Fo?

    I've got AJ, Edwards, and Housh (we start 3). I'm thinking about starting him over either Edwards or Housh.
  5. The Bears Still Suck

    Sit 1: AJ, Edwards, Housh, A. Gonzales

    Pick 1 to sit: Andre Johnson vs Oak (scrabble effect?) Housh vs Cle Braylon Edwards vs Cin Anthony Gonzales vs Jax (Harrison is out) Thanks.
  6. The Bears Still Suck

    Gage, Harrison, or Holmes

    Pick 1 Gage vs NYJ Harrison vs SD Holmes vs Cin Thanks
  7. The Bears Still Suck

    Pick up Gage?

    Just wondering if he's worth a pick up if I have to drop one of these players. At wr I have Harrison and Matt Jones and rb I have McGahee, LenDale, and LJ as reserves. Should I drop any of these players to pick him up?
  8. The Bears Still Suck


    I needed SJ to get that. It would have put me up by about 30 with my opponent having Brady and Hines Ward left. Oh well, I'm already in the playoffs.
  9. The Bears Still Suck


    Nice job doosh
  10. The Bears Still Suck

    Brandon Marshall

    I'm not going to post them, but look up the numbers of the WRs he faced last year.
  11. The Bears Still Suck

    Brandon Marshall

    I'm pretty sure Jackson had about a 30 yard TD grab on a perfect pass from Rivers. He had great coverage, but there's nothing you can do against a perfect pass. And if I remember right, the TD that Plaxico caught was not his fault either. Harris always takes the #1 WR. Woodson is a top 10 CB, but Al Harris is top 5.
  12. The Bears Still Suck

    ***Official 'when will Brady's knee get taken out' thread***

    He just threw another TD. I don't think Bellichek understands that you cannot show up other teams like this. We all understand they're a great team, but doing this puts your players at a risk.
  13. The Bears Still Suck


    FIXED!!! But I say the Pats win 38-35.
  14. The Bears Still Suck


    Time to start hyping this to no end just like ESPN will do all week.
  15. The Bears Still Suck

    another RB bites the dust..

    Fantasy football brings out the best in people (I'm playing against him too).