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  1. I'm in a 16 team league for the first time. Draft is tomorrow night. Anyone ever been in one? Advice? A little background - it's a work league, and at least 1/4 of the league will be drafting strictly by cheatsheets, with no knowledge of who they are taking. It's standard scoring, PPR.
  2. Reports out of Washington are the Skins offered Cousins $20 mil/year, which his agent promptly turned down. The speculation is that the deal will need to be at least $24 mil/year, which is what he's getting paid this year on his franchise tag. As a skins fan, I hope they can meet in the middle, around $22 mil/year. Cousins gets top 5 money and the skins aren't as crippled. I'm with Kent on this one, if they have to pay him $24 mil/year, take it or leave it, I'm on the fence. Ultimately, I think I'd pay it, because you need a QB to win (unless you have the top defense in the league). He's an above average QB, who could easily make his way into the top 10. In a year or two, this deal will look much better with other top 10 QBs getting new deals.
  3. killersquids

    You're GM. How do you handle your team's offseason?

    Redskins: Surprisingly fewer holes than expected. In order of need: FS CB DE G -Next would be getting a #2 TE. They have no one after Reed, and you cannot count on him for a full season. -A speedster WR (poor man's Desean Jackson). The whole offense opened up when he came back so we need a better backup option if/when Desean is not available. -Just keep doing what you're doing McCloughan. For the first time since Synder owned the team, we have decent depth overall. If McCloughan can keep adding more pieces and creating true competition for starting jobs, the team will continue to rise. Between McCloughan and Cousins, I can't remember the last time I had this feeling of excitement for potentially having a perennial playoff contender.
  4. killersquids

    Powell or Ivory week 14

    Tough call. Powell has a lower floor but higher ceiling. He is trending in the right direction. I may have to start both Powell and Ivory . Assuming Ingram is out, I have to choose between those two and Murray.
  5. killersquids

    I am Now A Firm Believer in Zero RB Theory

    So you believe that if you have a league where all members are in Tier 1, then it is 100% luck? I would say that it's significantly more luck than skill, but to say 100% luck is simply false. Some Tier 1 owners are simply better than other Tier 1 owners....over the long term. This is especially true in an auction league. In any one given season, anything can happen, but over the long term, the better owners make the playoffs more frequently, and subsequently win more championships. Bottom line for me in this discussion: not all Tier 1 owners have the same skill level. Some Tier 1 owners are better than others.
  6. killersquids

    Michael Floyd

    What's the deal with Floyd and Brown? Who is the WR to own of these two the rest of the way, assuming they both heal from their hamstring issues? Now that Floyd has broken out, it has the feeling of boom or bust if they are both healthy.
  7. killersquids


    Keep Denver. Another reason for their low ff point total was Manning's poor play and I believe he leads the league in INTs. With Osweiler (sp?), I would imagine their offense runs more and has a conservative game plan. This will lead to more clock being run, and even if they don't score, it will lead to longer fields for their opponents. Thanks for answering mine.
  8. killersquids

    Amendola or S. Johnson - Which would you pick? WHIR

    Tough one. I'm with Philo....standard league take Stevie. Amendola will be very average in non-PPR. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=450869
  9. killersquids

    Maclin or Diggs Wk 11

    I would lean towards Diggs. AP had a monster game so defenses will be keyed even more on him. Diggs definitely has the greater upside. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=450869
  10. killersquids

    Trading for WR - Pick two (WRIR)

    I need to unload some of my RB depth to help shore up my WRs. Problem is i don't know which one to target. I've reached out to some owners and I believe the following are available in a trade. Who would be your top two choices: PPR league Michael Floyd John Brown Rishard Mathews Davante Adams What's going on in ARZ? It seems like Brown is above Floyd, and Floyd has been hot because Brown has been out or hobbled. What do you expect from here on out in ARZ?
  11. killersquids

    I am Now A Firm Believer in Zero RB Theory

    An auction league requires some skill. You need to be constantly adapting during the draft, based on how the draft is going and for what price players are going for. It is not purely luck in a snake draft either, regardless if you have a taco or two in your league. There is definitely some skill to fantasy football. There is a skill to trading for example. While the quote about it's skill up until kickoff (great line btw) is true to an extent, the better team has a higher percentage chance of winning. And chances are the higher skilled owner has the better team. So while luck is major factor each week, overall the better teams usually end up in the playoffs and ultimately winning the championship.
  12. killersquids

    Week 10 lineup sanity check...

    Bradford and Winston are a toss up imo, but I would go with Bradford if I had to choose. Their run game is rolling now so it should open up the passing game. Another tough call on Langford vs Crabtree. Langford is almost guaranteed 20 touches so I would lean his way. If it were a full point PPR, then I would lean towards Crabtree. Thanks for mine.
  13. killersquids

    Trade Help

    Tough call. I would be inclined to roll the dice and do it. Ivory is slowing down (although he had a good game last night) and Brown is the best receiver in the game if Roethisberger is playing. You have to hope that one of your RBs steps up and can get you 8-10 points a week. It's risky but if it pays off your team will be significantly better.
  14. killersquids

    Would you make this trade?

    If you only start 2 WRs then I definitely do not make this deal. If you start 3 WRs, then I would think about it for Fitz. I would still lean towards no only because I'm not that high on Fitz for the 2nd half of the season. Maybe do Gates and one of your WRs for a #1 WR (if applicable) http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=450637
  15. killersquids

    WR Help

    I would go with Randle as well. He hasn't had many great games, but he is fairly consistent and should have a higher than normal floor and ceiling this week against the pats. Watkins is a close second, but the combination of his health, playing on a short week, and going up against Revis is too much risk imo. Please see mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=450637