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  1. famousb

    Ray Rice Elevator Video

    I don't thin DJ applies either, BUT I think Rice could easily get a court injunction for any additional suspension handed down by Goodell at this point based on the underlying principles. So I don't think his suspension THIS YEAR will be any more than the two games already handed down.
  2. famousb

    Saints Running Backs

    Ingram. He has closed Robinson almost completely out of the picture by demonstrating he can catch out of the backfield and pass block, and he's also finally looking like an NFL caliber RB
  3. famousb

    TE Wright Patriots

    let someone else overpay for Wright, then by week 5 or so when he hasn't done anything significant either send a low-ball offer or pick him up off of waivers. He's going to take a bit to mesh with Brady, and there are plenty of other weapons on that team to eat up snaps... He's worth a low-cost flyer, but i'd be hesitant to rely on him particularly for the first few weeks.
  4. famousb

    The Name Game

    most upside is West... best bet to actually have FF value would be Hill.
  5. famousb

    Pick me a POS RB

    Ingram would be my pick, i think he's a sleeper this year.
  6. famousb

    E. Sanders vs. P. Harvin

    Because of Manning and the fact SEA is a run first offense, give me Sanders. Oh yeah, and then there's that whole thing about Percy not actually ever being able to play 16 games in a season too...
  7. famousb

    Sleepers - Get 'em in!

    i'd like Hurns a whole lot more if he wasn't on a craptastic team that has a bunch of other young WR talent they drafted high in addition to Shorts... i just don't know if there will be enough offense going on in JAX to give Hurns the opportunity to be a sleeper.
  8. famousb


    if Romo can play through it, so can Cam...
  9. famousb

    yahoo suckin

    we had trouble with the MFL draft room, so we just did a free ESPN league to use the draft room. have to say, their draft room worked flawlessly for an auction draft...
  10. famousb

    Pierre Thomas - 100 recpts?

    Ingram has already been more involved in the passing game, and he's shown solid blitz pickups - which helps his cause to be out there on passing situations. Also, don't forget Cooks is going to be getting some of the opportunities vacated by Sproles. I personally wouldn't be on PThomas having 100 recs; though what's wrong with just being happy with the 70+ he posted last year???
  11. famousb

    Sleepers - Get 'em in!

  12. famousb

    What about trading deadline

    depends on if it is a keeper/dynasty league... in that case, trade deadline ends w/ NFL trade deadline...
  13. famousb

    Wes Welker, concussion

    probably not...
  14. famousb

    Wes Welker, concussion

    i wouldn't want to draft Lattimer hoping he passes Caldwell by mid-season. if Wes misses time due to this last concussion, i would expect him to be back by mid-season. unless you are really expecting Wes to be done for the year...
  15. famousb

    Wes Welker, concussion

    Obviously he means Fox, but it was rookie RBs Fox never trusted. From his time in CAR I believe I remember him playing multiple rookie WRs... and they all sucked. LaFell, Colbert, Jarrett... Plus, Peyton is the HC in DEN. Fox is just the DC...