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  1. silvernblack4

    moss could of caught that bomb

    cmonnnnnn maaaaan...its like he gave up
  2. silvernblack4

    Aaron Hernandez?

    and another
  3. silvernblack4

    Aaron Hernandez?

    ok there we go 26 yard ctach
  4. silvernblack4

    torain or deangelo rest of the way?

    thats all they have though lol..i hope they can pass the ball in the future maybe deanglo will see some holes.. i have both of them too..id stick with deangelo because i believe by week 10 when otah is back and smith gets back in the swing of things that their offense will get better and deangelo will rip off some big runs..plus he has a niceee schedule and in a contract year
  5. silvernblack4

    better rb to have?

    which is a better guy to keep dimitri nance or keiland williams?
  6. silvernblack4

    Blount drags Troy Polamalu

    Forget the 17 touchdowns and 1000 yards splitting the load with jerimiah johnson, he averaged 7.3 YPC..Lets look past his incident for a moment. Hes big, strong,has great vision, and is extremely fast for his size, he also he has serious shake and moves for a guy his size. This guy is a fierce competetor and if he keeps his cool he will be a beast. O and i bet hes real hungry, to get paid at least. I think he is the future 1st and 2nd down back, and the future could start any week now.
  7. silvernblack4

    Ryan Torain on skins 53 man roster

    i was about to pick keiland up on sunday before the game but i kept mike thomas, then when portis looked like ###### again, williams got 4 receptions, and LJ was cut i was mad but now i get a second chance to fill my last roster spot with a lottery ticket..ill try to write tougher next time when talking about 3rd string backs..punk but in reality keiland williams has a legitimate shot here..most important thing for rookie backs is pass protection and shanahan clearly trusts him..averaged 5.7 ypc in sec..not bad..next year when the line gets help this guy might be the lead dog you last 5 posts...4 were sarcastic and 1 was an insult..you are a troll..im 100% sure i would wreck your day if we ever met
  8. silvernblack4

    Ryan Torain on skins 53 man roster

    Im so mad i didnt get keiland williams I think i might just have to pick him up in my 14 man league...i need to hear some hype first though CHOOOOOOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. silvernblack4

    DeAngelo Williams

    In todays NFL it is great to have 2 premier backs especially when the 2 backs are arguably both top 10 running backs in the league, williams proved his ability in 08 and stewart showed the world what he can do with a full load of carries at the end of last year and throughout his whole time at oregon..but the panthers are not equipped to effectivly use both their talents. Dwill is a free agent after the year and stewarts future is Now; with all the needs carolina has i think they should trade Dwill while they can get something in return..while i know teams love to make sure they can sign a back longterm before giving up picks i think a 1st and 3rd round pick is worth it to a few teams.. Packers- rock solid all around, grant is hurt and frankly not that great..Dwill would put this team over the top and turn them into an explosive offense in all areas. Combine that with their D and they would be my pick to win it all.. Patriots- obviously they are a passing team but this would be an amazing upgrade and put their offensive potential through the roof..if they got Dwill they would be my pick to go to the SB Redskins- must sign him for a trade to be worth it..haynesworth is garunteed through 2011 so im not sure how they would work the books..portis is in the twilight of his career and Dwill would be a great fit and make the skins a real contender to get in the playoffs and possibly advance Carolina can get key pieces in the draft with two 1st round picks and use a 2nd or 3rd to get another quality back while letting stewart become a feature back
  10. rotoworld Maybe he'll go to the skins for the numbers and get a nice contract but if he wants to win a division title then he should come to Oakland. Campbell will be able to get the ball to Housh Murphy and Miller for 1st downs all day if the line does what they can do..they will have a great mix of speed and solid possession recievers..i think Bush/Mcfadden will work its way out if the line can do it..im not gonna even get into their defensive potential..
  11. silvernblack4

    Best FF team names you've ever heard

    Kareem on your Juggins
  12. silvernblack4

    playoff free agent question

    Some teams in my league have this thing called "loser bowl" where teams that dont make the playoffs have their own playoffs..i suggested that only teams who still have oppurtunity to win money can pick up free agents(top 3 get paid)..What do you think is fair when it comes to that? Redraft league btw
  13. silvernblack4

    J-mall Lewis or Taco Bell

    Though one, but id go with bell. If you had hillis and he was playing carolina would would say tough matchup but i gotta start him. How much better is hillis then Bell? I dk but i think he should be able to muster up 60 all purpose + with jamal you gotta worry about harrison
  14. silvernblack4

    2nd RD of Playoffs

    Definatly Thigpen, I can see how you might not be as confident, but as an outsider looking in he is definatly the best start. Hes been able to move the ball consistently over the past 2 months, chargers pass D is beatable
  15. silvernblack4

    Who 2 start at flex?

    If jacobs is out you gotta start Ward