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  1. I am needing to pick up a QB for this week and the best available on the WW are Bradford or Sanchez. Who would you pick up for this week? I'm a little nervous about Sanchez playing Minn after a bye with extra time to prepare for him. Also i would have to drop Maclin or Knox (short bench's) to pick one up. Which would you drop for who? 6pts for all TD's and Non PPR. Thanks
  2. Chimp

    Loving Roethlisberger late...

    Did a 12 team Non-PPR 6 pts for all TDs yesterday. QBs flew off the board. Took Cutler at 8.10 and was glad to grab Big Ben at 10.10 to back him up.
  3. Non PPR league. I've been going back and forth on who to start. Need 2 RBs from SJax, PT, Jennings and Ganther. Also, Bowe vs Cle or Bryant @ Sea
  4. Chimp

    F.Jackson or P.T

    I'd go PT with Bell being ruled out according to Adam Schefter.
  5. Chimp

    Maclin or Bess? NON PPR

    Seems like everyone likes Bess over Nicks in the other thread, what about over Maclin. I'm a bit worried about his foot and the rain. I like the match up though. Would you chance it with Maclin Sunday night or take a sure thing in Bess? Its a non PPR league.
  6. Chimp

    Floyd, Wallace or Maclin

    I need to start one of Floyd, Wallace or Maclin this week. Which would you go with? They are all ranked one right after the other. I've been bouncing back and forth all week!
  7. Chimp

    V Jackson & Mike Bell for McNabb & Westbrook

    I see no problem with the trade. It helps out both teams.
  8. Chimp

    Eli or Ryan...The lesser of two evils

    I would go with Ryan. I just can't bring myself to trust Eli and it looks like the injury is bothering him, or maybe he just decided to start his second have dive early this year.
  9. Chimp

    Floyd or Berrian

    Which WR would you pick-up? I've been struggling at WR. I have AJ, Braylon, Nicks and Maclin. Is it worth picking up Floyd or Berrian just to see what they do? Its a Non PPR league.
  10. Chimp

    trade Ricky Williams for Colston?

    If you can get him to bite, go for it!
  11. Chimp

    Drop Garrard for who?

    12 team non PPR league with 6 pts for all TDs. I am looking at dropping Garrard this week after last weeks showing. Romo is my starter which makes me a bit uneasy. Would you drop Garrard for another back-up QB or a position player? Cassel and Smith are about the best available back-ups. I'm a bit thin at WR with AJ, Braylon, Nicks, and Maclin. Would you drop Garrard for Floyd or Berrian? Is either much of an upgrade over what I have?
  12. Chimp

    Mike or Mike

    Should be a fairly high scoring game in NO. I would go with Bell.
  13. Chimp

    I just got AP - did I do well?

    It's close in my eyes. I'm not as down on CJ as some and i'm really worried about Jennings unless Rodgers can get some time in the pocket. I don't think i would have done the trade, but i don't think you got a bad deal. AP is a beast and you still have some good WR depth. It's pretty even.
  14. I can't make up my mind which WR i want to play this week. Would you go with Braylon (hope Sanchez has to throw some against a good Miami run D, plus the return of Cotchery and loss of W. Allen), Nicks (continue to ride the hot streak), or Maclin (guessing the GMen will be keying on DJax and not wanting to get burned for a long one)? I have been going back and forth all week. Non PPR
  15. Chimp

    Acquiring Arizona - Wells and DST

    I would take it and run. AZ has a great schedule down the stretch and it looks like Wells is getting more and more involved in that offense. They seem to be trusting him more. I just picked up the AZ D for the stretch run, i really like most of their match-ups and they've been solid so far this year.