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  1. Hello, I set up scoring for one of my leagues which uses PPR. I checked the rankings and it doesn't look like anything has changed. I'd assume players like Wes Welker would move up in the rankings, while others would drop. Is this intentional?
  2. ArsonIsFun

    j. lewis

    Update: Jamal Lewis (foot) will be a game-time decision in Week 6. Lewis missed practice in its entirety for the second straight day Thursday.
  3. ArsonIsFun

    j. lewis

    meh dropped Rhodes for Wright ... I have Addai and Lynch on the bench this week so I'll need some big-or-bust players to have a shot.
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    Lee Evans blows

  5. ArsonIsFun

    Lee Evans blows

    woo boy lee evans is now a yard short of makin me a point!
  6. ArsonIsFun

    Lee Evans blows

    worst 4th round draft pick ever ... *sigh*
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    What WRs to start?

    I'm rooting for Battle. He had a good Week 1 (not like that really means much), but he looks like he'll be SF's go-to guy.
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    Roster Help? Too many WRs! heh

    QB Vince Young WR Chad Johnson WR Lee Evans RB Joseph Addai RB Marshawn Lynch W/T Kellen Winslow W/R Brandon Jackson K Jeff Wilkins D Indy Bench: Patrick Crayton Jerricho Cotchery Arnaz Battle San Diego Defense I feel decent about my set of starters right now, but I'm debating swapping out Kellen Winslow or BJax for a WR. Also - The wire has some interesting players: Pittman Josh McCown David Garrand Toomer Randle El (took Battle over him, think Battle will look better in the long run) Right now I'm trying to shop the Indy D (though I'd play them over San Diego vs NE for this week) for a new QB. One person has Roethlisberger and Kitna both, pretty sure he'd give up Kitna for a new D, maybe a new WR to sweeten it. Just looking to see if there's any obvious holes to plug or any position I should be shopping for. Thanks for any help, this is my first year playing and I'm in a 12 person league and about half of it is made up of hardcore fantasy players.
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    Trade Advice

    My Starters/Bench QB - Vince Young WR - Chad Johnson, Lee Evans RB Joseph Addai, Marshawn Lynch W/T Patrick Crayton W/R Brandon Jackson K Jeff Wilkins D San Diego Bench - Jerricho Cotchery Kellen Winslow Eddie Kennison Indi Defense My Buddy has QB Marc Bulger WR T.J. Housh WR Terry Glenn (Obviously Out) RB Travis Henry RB Cedric Benson W/T L.J Smith W/R Vernand Morency K Nate Kaeding D Chicago Bench DeAngelo Williams Alge Crumpler Reuben Droughns Leon Washington I was thinking of something like - Vince Young + Cotchery/Kennsion for Marc Bulger Or Marshawn Lynch + Cotchery/Kennsion for Henry/Benson Any ideas for something that'd be fair? I'm pretty green when it comes to Fantasy, especially trades ... 12 person league, not a whole lot of talent sitting on the waiver Thanks, Will reply any linked threads to the best of my judgement
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    WR & RB Starters

    Look what Manning just did with Reggie Wayne ... I wouldn't worry about it
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    Need some help in a couple areas

    I agree with notJames with these picks ... Cotchery is looking at the NE Defense anyway, so I doubt he'd be worth taking over Jackson ...
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    Flex Starter Choices

    No PPR League W/T W/R Options - Jerricho Cotchery @ NE (WR) Brandon Jackson @ Phi (RB) Kellen Winslow @ Pit (TE) Eddie Kennsion @ Hou (WR) Patrick Crayton @ NYG (WR) I was leaning towards Cotchery and Jackson originally, but with Glenn out for Dallas I was thinking of putting in Crayton and avoid dealing with the NE Defense. Any advice? I'll give my humble advice to any threads linked
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    My First Time Playing FF - Starter help/Roster Advice?

    I was thinking of putting in Jackson over Kennison, but I wasn't really positive how good he's looking. Also - Kevin Curtis is free, I'm thinking it might be worth picking up him, but I'm not sure where I'd cut. I've heard Kennison isn't looking as hot this year, so maybe swap them ... Thanks!
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    My First Time Playing FF - Starter help/Roster Advice?

    nobody gonna take pity on the new guy? :\
  15. Hi, I decided to finally take the plunge and join a 12 person company league. I'm very green at this, so I could use any advice people have. Here my 1st week setup QB Vince Young WR Chad Johnson WR Lee Evans RB Joseph Addai RB Marshawn Lynch W/T Jerricho Cotchery W/R Eddie Kennison K Jeff Wilkins D San Diego BN Brandon Jackson BN Kellen Winslow BN Rex Grossman BN Michael Pittman (I don't know why I took him, just wanted another RB for Bye Week) I was planning on seeing how Brandon Jackson and Kellen Winslow do and then sub them in for Cotchery/Kennsion depending. League is 4pts for Passing TDs, so I wasn't too concerned with top QB pick. My picks by round below. 1. (5) Joseph Addai 2. (20) Marshawn Lynch 3. (29) Chad Johnson 4. (44) Lee Evans 5. (53) Vince Young 6. (68) Brandon Jackson 7. (77) San Diego 8. (92) Kellen Winslow 9. (101) Jerricho Cotchery 10. (116) Jeff Wilkins 11. (125) Eddie Kennison 12. (140) Rex Grossman 13. (149) Michael Pittman Anyway, thanks in advance for any help!