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What the hell are FATES, Guildhests and Guildleves?

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There is some fairly unique language used in FFXIV, which might throw off a few Buy FFXIV Gil



A FATE stands for Total Active Time Events. Basically, they're public quests that occur randomly across Eorzea; substantially like Guild Wars two's dynamic events. Just by opening up your map, you are going to see any that are now busy, there planned level, and remaining length. There are several distinct FATEs - some require you to kill waves of enemies, defeat one giant boss-like monster, defend an NPC and gather items.

Based on the amount of input in a FATE, you will be awarded with a bronze, silver, or gold decoration, with scaling Gil and experience. You can also participate at a FATE even when you're over the recommended level; if you are more than five levels ahead, you'll be required to sync down your level to be able to reap any sort of reward.

Guildhests are not anything to be frightened of. When you are level 10, you will unlock your first one, which may be accessed through the Duty Finder. They are similar to dungeons, so they need a party to complete, but frequently just focus on one objective. Aside from a big one-time bonus for completing Guildhests for the first time, they are primarily meant to instruct new MMO players on functioning collectively, and about their roles of tanking, DPS and recovery.

Ultimately we come to Guildleves - final fantasy xiv wiki


are another title for repeatable quests. There are various types of these quests: Battlecraft Leves are quests involving dispatching enemies, and have the option to get their difficulty improved for better rewards. Tradecraft Leves require one to hand in particular crafted items, and if the player palms in premium quality items the experience reward is doubled. Fieldcraft Leves give players the job of collecting materials within a certain time limit. You only have a small allowance of Levequests - gamers get three allowances every 12 hours, piling around 100.


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