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  1. Coin Flip

    League Openings

    DM filled Redraft Filled Auction open
  2. Coin Flip

    League Openings

    Leagues filled thanks for the interest.
  3. Coin Flip

    Geek League Draft Complete

    My preference of top 2 teams here are Big Blue and Champ. Big Blue has the best WR core and not a bad supporting cast around his options at WR. Champ is the reverse very strong RBs and not a bad supporting cast around it. I went in to this trying not to like Gepetto's team since so many of you favored it, but its hard not to like what he did in the draft. Top team possibilities not matter how you slice it.
  4. Nice offer you are sharing here, but honestly CBS is WAY too pricey IMO. The good part is if you can get a deal like your offering to others it might be the only way they can try it because at full price they must be the highest priced site out there.
  5. Coin Flip

    Number 11 position

    I like the Mendy option here also.
  6. Coin Flip

    2,600 yards 27 TDs

    LOL I have seen this formula before.
  7. Coin Flip

    Devin Aromashodu

    I am a Bears fan and would like nothing more than ANY 2 WRs on the team to become Great......however I am taking the wait and see approach as I am not attached to any of them but feel 2 of them will rise above the other crabs on the team trying to grab a catch whenever possible. I just dont know which two I like to do that just yet........personally my preference is Knox at this time, but it is a muddy mess. I never draft Armou.....because he goes way to early IMO in new drafts. More difficult to trade for him now also because guys seem to be drinking his kool aid. Now they might be correct and I just might be the team that cant reason with his value yet----my advice would be trade for him if you get value you agree with and draft him if you dont have to take him too early but no kleenex boxes should be used if you miss getting him this year.
  8. If I can get 12 owners I would like to draft tomorrow night Memorial Day Night for a Draftmaster League. Fee $25 We will do Total Pts DM as MFL allows these for free. SIGN UP FAST...........Got to be able to PAYPAL THE MONEY.....or you have to know me well and I have to trust your check will arrive! $300 in the pot to win. 100% payouts. I will keep nothing. Payouts.......1st $200 2nd $75 3rd $25 Draftmasters are draft the lineups and forget it. MFL sets your best lineup for you weekly. Lets go.......12 for 9 PM est tomorrow night MONDAY May 31 st 26 Rounds So far I have 7 owners........
  9. Coin Flip

    Whos everyone betting on this Sunday?

    Not a betting man unless its a March Madness Bracket or FF............but I would think the Colts can cover 5 pts.
  10. Coin Flip

    Bears hire Martz as OC

    Martz did make 4000 yard passers out of guys like Kitna.........I believe Warner and Bulger were not bad either as fantasy QBs to have. Now as a Bears fan, I cant say I am thrilled because I do want the QB to be healthy.
  11. Coin Flip

    shonn greene

    I thought I saw Greene on the side lines trying to come back in, he certainly didnt leave the game. I dont know his official diagnosis but I do know guy looked great. If they were allowing TJ rest, maybe they gave him too much, because he wasnt effective in that last game regardless. I like Greene to be good, but I do wish their backfield wasnt so busy. Washington could still be there also.
  12. Coin Flip

    SuperBowl Deciding Factor

    Go Colts!
  13. Coin Flip

    *Warner Retires*

    I know Warner hasnt been at AZ for very long, but it will be wierd not seeing him there.
  14. Coin Flip

    League just converted to 1 player keeper

    In a 2 start QB format. I say Rodgers hands down. Didnt even take me 2 sec to decide that. I do not play in 2 QB starts, but when I did one year if you dont get 2 solid ones your in trouble. I would rather be scrambling to find a final RB or WR (more choices) than I would a QB. I waited and drafted QB's later and had a tough time when the injury to one of mine came. If you have Rodgers and injury hits your other QB you still have a guy that can get you solid pts.
  15. Coin Flip

    Gregg Williams - Stupid Comments

    Only smack talk I like is Ocho's....seems harmless and is meant more for comedy than actual smack. I am going to enjoy this Superbowl, dont mind who wins, but if I had money on it...(and I dont) I would take the Colts.