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Found 6 results

  1. KRK

    Who would you keep?

    I need two. I was thinking of keeping Matthews and CJ Anderson. I have the 5th pick in a 12 team ppr. Cooper 3rd Sammy Watkins 5th Jordan Matthews 6th CJ Anderson 9th Gronk 1st Latavious Murray 2nd
  2. ree10

    Keep Gronk or Evans

    14 Team PPR League, keep one player. I have the 3rd pick in the draft and can keep Gronk for a 2nd or Mike Evans for a 9th. The value play is obviously Evans but kinda like the idea of starting the draft with a top RB, the top TE and possibly a top WR or QB. Thoughts?
  3. nygiants12

    Gronk Risk Reward? Trade Advice

    So I got an offer from an 0-3 team : Gronk/Bradshaw for my Dez/Donnell I'm 1-2 and could be 2-1 if I had started Cousins or Marshall didnt drop an egg.. I'm gonna reject this offer and come back with a counter : He has Charles,Foster,bradshaw,Martin,miller,ridley - No WR though... So what do ya think it would take to grab Gronk and Charles from him? He declined my Colston for Bradshaw offer so looks like he's valuing Bradshaw pretty high , Maybe I should of offered GTate for him... Any Idea's or advice? Line-up In Sig
  4. Picked up Ridley off waivers. Thinking about starting him, but I also have Brady and Gronk. Is that too many starters from one team? 10 Team PPR League QB: Tom Brady WR: Jordy Nelson WR: Cordarelle Patterson RB: Jamal Charles RB: DeMarco Murray TE: Rob Gronkowski WR/TE: Andre Johnson DEF: New England K: BN: Toby Gerhart BN: Steven Ridley BN: Terrance West BN: Donald Brown BN: Golden Tate BN: Kelvin Benjamin BN Sammy Watkins
  5. Prof Poopcicle

    Gronk Cleared

    Gronk has been cleared to play and will avoid PUP... Thoughts?
  6. Drafting a little early this year, 12 team league, 6pts all TDs, 0.5 PPR. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE After keepers and first round pick looks like I'll be starting with Demaryius Thomas and Brandon Marshall... So, for my 2nd pick, pretty much the 3rd rounder... I'll be looking at : Go RB? Toby Gerhart - Polarizing, lots of love in the rankings, not so much on the message boards, has a shot at being the workhorse and goal line back, not many of those in the league anymore. Demarco Murray - Had him last year, pretty consistent, only a couple really big games, but also only a couple duds, finally played atleast 14 games last year, always same story, good if he's healthy. Leveon Bell - I think he's the guy I like best on this list, workhorse, seems like he can atleast give me steady numbers each week if nothing spectacular. Maybe the safest "RB1" of this tier. Montee Ball - Again, had him last year, frustrating when I tried to use him. Moreno is gone so can he handle to full workload? He would get 12-15 touches a game last year, will they give him 20-25 this year? Stack another top WR? Jordy Nelson - had him last year, could never depend on him after rodgers went down, getting lots of love, Im hoping someone surprises me and takes him so Jeffery or Brown falls to me. Randall Cobb - I like him better than Nelson, would you grab him over Jeffery or Antonio Brown if they fell? TE : Gronk - even if he isn't full go early in the season, if he's healthy wks 14-16 he's gotta be worth this 3rd round pick, I think. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks for reading.