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Found 7 results

  1. Stu82


    With my #1 RB Dalvin Cook going down with the RB killer ACL, I desperately need another RB to at least fill a roster spot and become a potential starter. I'm in a 14 team league so the pickings are thin. Which of these has best chance to succeed moving forward and or any others not on the list? Thanks! Thomas Rawls Eddie Lacy Wayne Gallman Alex Collins Aaron Jones JD McKissic Elijah McGuire Please give me your top two of this list and or any others not on it. Thanks!
  2. I have pick #3 in a 10 man league where 4 teams make the playoffs. The owners with the first 2 picks have made it clear that they are taking AP and Jamaal. I'm concerned that since playoff spots in this league usually come down to 1 or 2 games the 2 weeks without Bell could be the difference between me making and missing the playoffs. I like Lacy but it's hard for me to pass up on someone as skilled as Bell. What do you guys think?
  3. dkhasidy

    Trades...What Do You Think?

    Auction League, 12 team, .5 ppr. Started the day with Cousins Lacy, D Martin (have handcuff for each) Antonio Brown, Floyd (AZ) either Quick, J Hill, Royal, Tate or DJax at Flex Ertz Bal Def Phi Kicker needless to say my team is 0-4. So i traded Lacy, Brown and Cousins for Brees and Mccoy. what do you think? Separately i traded D Martin and Rainey for Percy and Shonne Greene. so this week my roster is: Brees Mccoy and tate Floyd (AZ), Harvin and either Quick, J Hill, Royal or DJax at Flex Ertz Bal Def Phi Kicker I think i massively upgraded. what do you think
  4. 12-teamer we start 2 RBs no flex, standard scoring. RB corps was Lacy, Stacy, Gio, Ellington, Starks. (loved my young rookie RB corps like a damn pedophile, but wanted to try upgrade) Now, is McCoy, Stacy, Ellington, Bryce Brown. Trade went through this morning. At first I thought I got away w/ trade rape and the more I've been researching it it seems very fair to both of us. Who made out better ROS though, him or me?
  5. Windycityaliens

    James Starks

    Ok so I have E Lacy and I was thinking about picking up Starks to hand cuff to him for the rest of the season but my only option to drop is either Cecil shorts or Greg Olsen. It's a ppr league 1 point per reception 10 yards per point rushing and receiving 20 yards per point returning 7 points for TD's, start 2rb 2wr 1flex and 1te my other RB's are A Foster and A Morris and B Tate and of course Lacy, my other WR's are B Marshall, D Jackson, T Austin, and D Hopkins. My TE's are Olsen and J Cameron. I don't want to drop Lacy, Hopkins, or Austin cause they are my keepers and I want to keep Tate handcuffed to Foster. What do you think?
  6. rory_mcdowell

    Flex Help - .5pg

    Need some flex help here. Standard scoring, .5ppr I'm already starting VJax and SJax at the WR & RB spots respectively. Please help me with what you think I should do at the 2 available flex spots: Eddie Lacy - Philly RB's tore up the Wash D on the ground, and he looked OK vs. 49ers last week. MJD - Very disappointing last wee, Raiders were just OK vs. Indy last week Colston - They fling it, but will Revis Island shut him down? Bowe - I want to love him, and do, but man - 4-30 sucks. Dallas allowed 3 100yd receivers last week! PLEASE HIT ME WITH YOUR TWO Leave a link!
  7. Scoring rules- 12-team, Non-PPR. 5 pts at 70 yards, then 1pt/10 yards thereafter. 6 pt for short TD, 9pts for 10-39 yds, 12 for 40-69 yds, 18 for 70+ yd TDs. I feel like my team has WR potential, but with Andre Brown going down and my 2 starting RBs with some question marks, maybe I need to bolster my RBs by shipping one of my WRs to another owner. Looking at these two teams, what would you say is a fair trade that would get me Eddie Lacy? Would you make a move with my team or sit tight? Leave a link and I'll see yours. My team - Stafford, Romo MJD, Murray, Tate, A. Brown (Inj) Fitz, Cobb, Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon Graham, Cameron Bears, Giants Bullock, Crosby His team - Kaep, Flacco Forte, Foster, Lacy, Stacy DJax, T. Smith, Jeffery, E. Sanders Gronk, Z. Miller Texans, Cowboys Gostkowski, Tucker