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Found 9 results

  1. I'm in a deep 14 team league and have couple of bye issues so deciding between Barber and Miller as my second back. Their match-ups are as follows: Peyton Barber @ NY G Lamar Miller @ Wash Please answer and I will eventually answer yours. Thanks and good luck!!
  2. I'm going with a 3 back set this weekend including James White (@Buf) and Adrian Peterson (@NYG) so now trying to decide on my 3rd RB between: Latavius Murray vs. New Orleans or Lamar Miller (vs Miami, Thurs Night Football. Which one between Murray and Miller would you go with? Will answer yours. Good luck and thanks!
  3. longhornguy1019

    Lamar Miller for Doug Martin? Who wins?

    I have Lamar Miller and am 2-0. They guy who has Doug Martin is 0-2. I'm proposing this trade to him ... win on my side??? PPR 10 Team League - currently have M. Gordon, T. Cohen, T. Riddick, T. West & C. Johnson Thanks!!!
  4. longhornguy1019

    RB Start Week 2 - L. Miller or T. Cohen

    PPR League - a little concerned about Houston's offense all around. Do i take a flyer (as a PPR league) with riding Tarik Cohen or stick it out with Lamar Miller. I know with Watson at QB, it SHOULD open up more holes for the RB .... Thoughts? Help!!!
  5. Give me your thoughts. Who will take me to the superbowl? Send me yours.
  6. Mustard Lover

    Lamar Miller Usage Quick Hits

    Came across this blog post from this morning. Dave Hyde's a local Miami reporter and Dolphins beat writer for the Sun Sentinel. He sites some interesting usage stats for Lamar Miller, let me know what you guys think. KILLED THE LINK AND COPIED AND PASTED * When the Dolphins had a three-receiver formation, Miller averaged a staggering 6.1 yards a carry, via Football Outsiders. The three-receivers formation demands a nickle defense package, which means one less linebacker and gives space to run. Getting Miller in space is the goal considering his speed. Expect to see that formation more this year. * This is what is meant by a player being used properly: Miller ran 81 percent of his snaps out of the shot gun last year rather than 41 percent in 2013. He's clearly comfortable running out of the shotgun and Bill Lazor saw that in his first season. Again, expect a heavy dose of Miller running from the shotgun. * Miller (and the offensive line) isn't as good as running short-yardage as they've been credited this off-season. Miller ran 17 times on third or fourth down and "short" according to proreference.com, which it defines as three yards or less for a first down. He got 12 first downs out of them. That's pretty good. Cut it to third-or-fourth and short and two yards, and Miller was 11-for-14. Very good, right? The problem is, that stat doesn't factor in the number of times Lazor wasn't comfortable with running Miller in short-yardage situation. You can see that level by seeing Tannehill threw 38 times - more than double Miller ran - on third-or-fourth and short, according to proreference.com. Twenty-four of those went for first downs. Tannehill ran another three times for a first down in those situations. FootballOutsiders stats show teams are statistically more effective running the football than passing it on short-yardage situations. Yet the Dolphins went against that for a reason - namely, they don't have an offense built for short-yardage running. This a concern for the Dolphins again as they don't have an offensive line or a runner suited to that.
  7. sparkz

    Best 2 RB's of 4

    Have 4 Rb's I am considering for the week. Pick 2. LaGarrette Blount vs Indy Danny Woodhead vs GB Lamar Miller vs TN Charcandrick West vs MN Send me yours
  8. I have Carolina D on bye this week so I need to pick up another D (plenty of streaming D's to choose from) and drop one of mediocre RB's I have been stockpiling... Alfred Morris Danny Woodhead Ronnie Hillman LaGarrette Blount Jonathan Stewart Lamar Miller C.J. Spiller Any thoughts as to who is droppable? send me yours
  9. In a PPR keeper league (keeping M.Lynch, R.Rice & Jimmy Graham) who would choose out of these four RBs for your 3RB/ Flex? David Wilson Le'Veon Bell Lamar Miller Shane Vareen Leaning Le'Veon Bell because I keep reading about his pass catching skills but I hate gambling on a rookie. On the other hand, the other 3 really don't have an extensive resume either. I feel like its a roll of the dice with whoever I choose. Any feedback/ advise appreciated.