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Found 7 results

  1. KRK

    Need Help

    Do I start Perine and Morris or should I start Ivory since Fournette is out?
  2. Bdemain

    Flex this 💪

    PPR League Not sure if I'm buying Morris getting 20+ carries against the Chiefs, thoughts? Start one: Morris, Robby Anderson or Crowder Thanks, I'll respond to yours, leave a link.
  3. I'm going to have to package 2 RB's to get DT. Who is the best to keep for the ROS and maybe the most useful in the playoffs? Morris Forsett Hillman
  4. Monte Ball, Alfred Morris, Pierre Thomas or Donald Brown need to start two. Help please! .5 PPR
  5. Kind of a long winded post, just looking for some feedback on my choices for this upcoming week. .5 PPR League. Bonuses for TDs over 40 yards and for milestone yardages (300, 400 passing, 100, 200 rushing/receiving) QBs lose points per sack (-1) and incompletions (-0.1) and the usual for Int/Fum (-2) Brady or Dalton Brady was a nightmare there earlier in the season (Wk 5 -0.7 pts, Wk 7 1.4 pts, Wk 8 vs MIA 5.2 pts) but he turned it on enough recently to get me to the semi's putting up 24+ the last 3 weeks. Dalton has also had 3 stinkers this season, but also some really monster games, whereas Brady has only blown up once all year. Dalton has the completion pct and TD and rushing yardage edge, but has so many picks this year. ESPN has them projected about the same, FFToday has Dalton as the better play. Im leaning Dalton. The guy Im playing against is starting Edelman so starting Brady would help cancel out any of his points. Morris, Gerhart (assuming ADP is out), or Rainey Im starting Murray and Jennings, so I need one of these in the flex. Morris has the juicy match up with ATL allowing the 2nd most FF points to RBs over the past 5 weeks, but he's so inconsistent and frustrating. Does Cousins getting the start help or hurt him. Middle of the road match up for Gerhart. Rainey with 2 great games sandwiching 2 stinkers, playing the 49ers, he helped get me here, but I gotta think the 9ers bottle him up, right? Morris is in my lineup as of right now. Olsen, Pitta, or Tamme Been rolling with Olsen all year and while he's only had a couple bad games this year, he's been up 1 game, down 1 game, up 1, and so on. Last week he gets his most receptions of the year but one of his lower yardage totals. Not sure if that means he's due for an Up Game or a Down Game. Pitta looked good last week, but the sample size of 1 game, Im not sure if thats enough to go on to replace my season long starter. Tamme I think is interesting with Welker out. Im already playing Demaryius Thomas who torched SD last time whereas Welker did nothing against SD and its supposed to be Tamme taking Welker's slot role this week right? Ive still got Olsen starting, but really going back and forth about Pitta. Thanks for reading and for any input, leave your link and I will respond to yours.
  6. Hey Guys, Have 3 flex spots I need to fill, 1 pt PPR. I have been tossing this around but here are my options, Alfred Morris @ GB Pierre Garcon @ GB Bowe v. Dal L Miller @ Ind Tate v. Tenn J. Bell @ Ari I currently have Brown, Morris and Garcon in. Brown obviously makes me nervous with Pitts line but bottom line is they are going to have to throw it to someone. Morris has be nervous as well because I am going to assume the Skins get behind early and have to throw which makes my choice of Garcon easier. Do I leave it as is or risk any of the other guys?
  7. Setting up for the draft, and are among those RB's am considering at this position non ppr, .1pass/rush combined 6 pt td Overall expectation Ranking them Spiller/Charles and then Lynch ... Morris. Issue here, of these teams offenses, which players will be more consistent and less affected by opposing scoring. aka how often will game plan be affected by playing catchup? Who will abandon the running game too quickly or more expectantly? Which is safer because of their role in the short yardage passing game? Short or long series expectations, etc Interesting projections for each teams kickers, from FFToday currently, is about the same for FG 25-30 attempts. Washington and Seatle expected 45-50 tds KC and Buffalo expected 30. Thus from a conservative pov Consistent Start Ranking Lynch, Charles, Spiller, Morris. All of this pov more affected by the team and less the player Outside of health X factors, is Lynches court date and related impacts with that. Your thoughts on how to separate these running games?