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Found 6 results

  1. KRK

    Trade Help

    Someone offered me Cam Newton for Latavius Murray and a 3rd rd pick. Should I accept? My backs would be after the trade Elliott, Mccoy, Gillislee, Jordan Howard and Booker. My QB is currently Tyrod Taylor.

    Who do I start?

    I've been able to build a pretty good group of running backs but now I'm not sure who to play, especially with two of them playing tomorrow and the news on Rawls' knee although it's most likely nothing. Anyway, which three should I play this week: A. Peterson, D. Murray, J. Stewart, T. Rawls.
  3. 12 team, redraft, 0.5 PPR My lineup, starters bold : QB - Drew Brees, Derek Carr, Alex Smith RB - Matt Forte Flex (RB/WR) - Charcandrick West WR - Antonio Brown WR - Amari Cooper Flex (RB/WR/TE) - Jonathan Stewart, Stefon Diggs TE - Julius Thomas, Eric Ebron, Richard Rodgers I'm considering a trade sending Carr and Cooper for Latavius Murray and Gary Barnidge. Lost Forte this weekend obviously, our trade deadline is Wednesday, so we probably won't have a definitive timetable for Forte by then, so I have to plan as if he's done for at least most of the rest of the season. I could slot Diggs right into Cooper's spot, replace Forte with Murray, upgrade my TE big time, but then I depend on Brees to be my guy rest of the way. He's @TB, vs DET, vs JAX in the playoffs, two home games, that's nice, 2 Top 5 matchups and a top 15 matchup. Don't want to get too excited about the 7 TD game when he's been a 1-2 TD per game guy outside of this past week. Carr is @DEN, vs GB, vs SD, not a great matchup in the bunch, but he's been a 2-3 TD per week guy pretty consistently. RBs doing much better against all 3 of those teams than QBs though, so it might be better to have Murray than the Carr/Cooper combo. We've got 2 loaded teams just crushing people up in the league, gotta swing for the fences against them. Looking for some opinions, thanks for reading and responding.
  4. Drafting a little early this year, 12 team league, 6pts all TDs, 0.5 PPR. 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE After keepers and first round pick looks like I'll be starting with Demaryius Thomas and Brandon Marshall... So, for my 2nd pick, pretty much the 3rd rounder... I'll be looking at : Go RB? Toby Gerhart - Polarizing, lots of love in the rankings, not so much on the message boards, has a shot at being the workhorse and goal line back, not many of those in the league anymore. Demarco Murray - Had him last year, pretty consistent, only a couple really big games, but also only a couple duds, finally played atleast 14 games last year, always same story, good if he's healthy. Leveon Bell - I think he's the guy I like best on this list, workhorse, seems like he can atleast give me steady numbers each week if nothing spectacular. Maybe the safest "RB1" of this tier. Montee Ball - Again, had him last year, frustrating when I tried to use him. Moreno is gone so can he handle to full workload? He would get 12-15 touches a game last year, will they give him 20-25 this year? Stack another top WR? Jordy Nelson - had him last year, could never depend on him after rodgers went down, getting lots of love, Im hoping someone surprises me and takes him so Jeffery or Brown falls to me. Randall Cobb - I like him better than Nelson, would you grab him over Jeffery or Antonio Brown if they fell? TE : Gronk - even if he isn't full go early in the season, if he's healthy wks 14-16 he's gotta be worth this 3rd round pick, I think. Thoughts? Opinions? Thanks for reading.
  5. 12- team non-ppr. 6-Pt all TDs. Bonus for long TDs. Double points for TDs scored in the non-typical way for the position. (WR rushing/throwing TD, RB receiving/throwing TD, QB rushing/receiving TD) 5 pt bonus at 70 yards (or 250 yards for QB), then 1pt/10 yards thereafter. My current roster. Det TQB, Dal TQB MJD, Murray, Pierce, Tate Fitzgerald, Cobb, A. Brown, J. Gordon Graham, Cameron Crosby, Bullock Chicago DEF, NYG DEF Here's the trade... I get - Brady, Martin and Amendola (worthless?) I give - Romo, Murray, Fitzgerald. Can I get by with Brown or Gordon as my WR 2? Should I do this?
  6. Bdemain

    RB and Flex question

    10-team Non PPR Murray or McFadden at No. 2 RB spot? S. Johnson, Wallace, Hopkins or Vincent Brown at flex? Normally, I would start Murray, but the Colts run D is terrible. Initially, I had Wallace starting at flex, but I'm realizing this flex spot could be a headache all season. A little help and I'll answer your questions. Thanks.