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Found 3 results

  1. I'm back again to enrich your lives with my not so thought provoking posts and observations! You're welcome, try to contain your gratitude. Well week 2 is in the books...not bad, not bad. I went 14-2 on my picks so I don’t really feel like this was a crazy week where people needed a lot of insights. Granted a lot of favorites didn’t cover the spread so probably some value to be had there if you play ATS. Saints what are you doing? Once again they're off to a slow start with a pretty talented offense. That game bit me in the a$$ but I gotta say, Chucky really out coached Payton with an inferior team (sorry raiders fans just my opinion). That shovel pass run on 3rd and 10 to seal the deal was ballsy. You can’t stop Mahomes, you can only slow him down. I said LAST week he was staying in the pocket and letting the rest of the team do the work. This wasn’t working this week so he says F. it and starts running for first downs and taking hits when he had to. I think if the Chargers didn’t have a rookie QB who made a few costly mistakes, they would have won that game TBH. Certainly put a little scare into the Chiefs. Atlanta are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. First they choke with a huge lead in the Superbowl a few years back, then they choke a huge lead away to Dallas? Forget about it they are the kings of choking now, if they had fans in the building they would be correct to boo the out of that team. Buffalo is giving me hope. My boy Josh Allen threw for 4 TDS! We actually have a QB? Granted it was Miami who are probably also going to be a top 10 draft pick team, but still. My Bills are 2-0, how about it? I feel like the rug will be pulled out from under me as soon as Buffalo plays NE and get destroyed but we'll see. If they beat the Pats I'll really start to believe. NE isn’t the same without Tom…I just don’t feel like Cam has that never die never quit belief that Brady has, he just doesn’t seem as clutch. Looking at the box scores yes he’s running wild but, NE doesn’t seem to be working their RB at all. Between 3 RB they only had 14 rush attempts, the rest was up to Cam. Maybe he needs time to jive with this offense. All I know is you’re 1-1 and My QB looks better! Aaron Jones is a stud. Finally Rodgers has a playmaker who can run the ball to take some pressure off him making plays all the time. Jones set a franchise record for TD’s last year and looks on pace to continue that this year. Love it, the Pack might be back, especially since the Lions, and Vikings both look awful. NFC east remains the worst division in football. I know it’s only 2 games in but nobody has a winning record in that division yet and all look very suspect. That division will probably be up for grabs right to the end of the year unless Dallas steps their game up. Good luck in your FF leagues and picks!
  2. Prof Poopcicle

    Gronk Cleared

    Gronk has been cleared to play and will avoid PUP... Thoughts?
  3. @WeTlkFntsySprts

    Le'Veon Bell this seasons Stevan Ridley?

    Dri Archer can play the Shane Vereen role and Blount is now a member of the Steelers after scoring 7 TDs for the Patriots (4 in last 2 weeks) in 2013. Ridley saw 178 carries (just 2 games with 20+), rushed for 773 yards (one 100 yard game) and scored 7 TDs...is that what we should expect to see from Bell in 2014, with a bit more receptions (Ridley had 10)? I understand that Ridley lost time due to fumbles, but could we see a similar stat production from Bell in 2014? Bell averaged 18 carries a game last season and it was not until Week 16 that he rushed for 100 yards, doing it against the Green Bay Packers on a season high 26 carries. He did finish the season strong, gaining 405 yards over the Steelers last 5 games on 101 carries, good enough for 4 YPC, and scored 4 touchdowns. LeSean McCoy, Ryan Mathews, DeMarco Murray , Matt Forte, and C.J. Spiller were the only other RBs to rush for 400+ yards during that span. Blount, Murray, Steven Jackson, and Eddie Lacy were the only RBs to score 5 times. 5 other RBs scored 4 TDs. Le'Veon Bell was a Top 10 RB to finish the fantasy football season.