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Found 11 results

  1. longhornguy1019

    WWYS - Who Would You Start

    First week of playoffs - Full point PPR - Who would you start this week (14) QB - R. Wilson, J. Goff RB - M. Gordon, L. Miller, K. Drake, P. Barber; Austin Ekeler WR - K. Allen, A. Thielen, M. Crabtree, D Funchess, R. Anderson TE - H. Henry, G. Olsen FLEX - ???? (one of the above EXCEPT QB) Would love your line-up thoughts...
  2. longhornguy1019

    WSIS - Rivers vs. DEN or Goff vs. ARI

    I don't feel good about my starting QB this week going up against the DEN def. I CAN pick up J. Goff but will need to drop one of my players to do it. The only player that i have to drop is Andre Ellington - So, my question is, do i drop A. Ellington to pick up J. Goff for 1 week? Thoughts please.
  3. I'm used to playing in 10 or 12 team leagues, does draft strategy change when you play in a league of this size. I usually wait and draft my QB later in the draft, but in this size league, would it make more sense to draft one earlier than normal to avoid being on the tail end of a QB run? Thanks in advance. ~~I'll respond to your question as well.
  4. eclipse3321

    QB and Flex Help

    Need help deciding who to start at QB and Flex. Trying to decide between Foles and Kaepernick. Foles offensive line situation worries me a bit and Kaepernick has been running a lot more and the philly d has been giving up ton of yards. I have A. Foster and D. Murray as my starting running backs but at flex I need to decide between: Knile Davis A Blue Bishop Sankey. Thanks for the help
  5. Prof Poopcicle

    6 pt PASS TD

    How does this change your ranking of qbs in terms of the draft, specifically in the early rounds (say top 25 players)? Obviously this is a bump to the big 3 (possibly big 4 with stafford)-- but how big a bump? When do you start trying to grab these guys? I've always been the type to wait on grabbing a QB.. but i've never done 6 pt passing TD and am wondering if i should try and snag a top QB in the second round
  6. @WeTlkFntsySprts

    Fav QB Week 1

    ESPN Gridiron Challenge has a format that eliminates players after you use them. Which QB do you like for Week 1? Nick Foles | JAC | 40.5% owned Peyton Manning | IND | 10.6 Colin Kaepernick | @DAL | 8.9 Jay Cutler | BUF | 8.3 Matthew Stafford | NYG | 6.2 Drew Brees | @ATL | 2.9 Tom Brady | @MIA | 2.6 Alex Smith | TEN | 2.6 Matt Ryan | NOR | 2.4 Sam Bradford | MIN | 1.7 Robert Griffin III | @HOU | 1.7 Geno Smith | OAK | 1.6 Carson Palmer | SDG | 1.5 Andrew Luck | @DEN | 1.3 Philip Rivers | @ARI | 1.1 Cam Newton | @TAM | 1 Ben Roethlisberger | CLE | 0.9 I am leaning towards Carson Palmer against the San Diego Chargers on Monday Night Football. Larry Fitzgerald, and Michael Floyd will give the Bolts corners problems and Andre Ellington can catch passes out of the backfield. Rookie CB Jason Verrett is dealing with a shoulder injury, and the Chargers did little to bolster the 4th worst secondary in the NFL. Right now 40.5% of the nation is taking Foles as their Week 1 starter. Sure the Eagles will most likely destroy the Jags, but it's important to remember that the Eagles have LeSean McCoy, who led Philly to the top of the league in rushing yards. Philly was 27th in the league in passing attempts per game. Foles attempted 30+ passes in just 3 games and eclipsed 300 yards just twice.
  7. ec321a


    Okay, so I made the playoffs with my win and a division rivals loss... yes it sucks but I could have missed the playoffs at 10-4 (WTF?)... 1. Nick Foles @ MIN or a rebounding Luck taking on HOU? I'm thinking Foles is still the hot hand to ride, but luck cost me 20 points this week in a no start. 2. D/ST DEN taking on SD or DET taking on BAL? Pretty sure DET is the right pick... feel free to throw in sneaky waiver analysis if you have any, TEN is available and playing the Cards, but it seems like a coin flip, either 25 points or 2, lol. 3. Biggest question... My receivers: D. Thomas, T. Smith, M. Floyd, M. Crabtree, C. Patterson. I need (3). Thomas is a lock with Welker out, and even on a short week I have faith in all my Broncs (Thomas, Thomas, Moreno, Prater). Thinking Torrey Smith should be locked, especially playing DET, but this contradicts my D/ST start. Floyd vs. TEN could be another coin flip... they're tough... but Fitz could take all the coverage allowing for a huge day, or they could both fail. Patterson is playing the Eagles which looks lovely, but he's yet to be that "every week" guy... but has huge upside (we get special teams through the player and whoever has the D/ST) And Crabtree... woe is me... I dunno what to do about him... Throw him in? I doubt it, but next week he might be a must start against ATL. Anyways, pick 3 receivers. If you could reply in the same format I posted, i.e., number your responses 1. 2. 3. for easier reading, I'd sure appreciate it - and AS ALWAYS I RESPOND TO EVERY LINK!!! Thanks Geeks - JW
  8. heffley

    Peyton Manning owners!

    Well I have Peyton Man-thing (My name for him) and I am a little worried about his injury hopefully not as bad as it may seem. I have Russell Wilson as my backup QB so it will be okay for me but know there are some owners who banked on Manning and did not even think injury was possible. How is everyone handling this huge Fantasy News!?!?!? What will people do about their QB situation?! I think this is bigger than Aaron Rodgers injury as in effect on players.
  9. jschleter

    QB - Am I crazy?

    Am I crazy to think that I should start Jake Locker over Matthew Stafford today? PPR League Stafford VS Bears (given up 8th fewest points to QB all season) Lockers VS Jaguars (Jacksonville has given up the 2nd most fantasy points to Quarterbacks this season and 9th most in last 5 weeks)
  10. ottomatic

    QB Help

    Am I crazy for considering Jake Locker over RGIII todaY? RGIII has really underperformed but murphy's law says if I don't play him this week he will score 40 fantasy points. scoring details: passing - 20 yds/pt, 3pts/TD rushing - 10 yds/pt, 6pts/TD
  11. I passed on good QB during the draft and ended up with Dalton. I scooped up Pryor off the waivers last week and he rocked my bench. I have Cutler, Schaub and Rivers on the waiver... Thoughts