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Found 27 results

  1. I am just wondering those in a keeper league, if you have Gurley what are your thoughts on his viability over the next few years? Statistically we know that RB wear down fast and rarely produce stud numbers for more than a few years. Also that 300+ touches rule applies where their injury potential increases a lot after a season with that many touches and hits. I think it's almost definite anyone with Gurley would keep him at least 1 more year (I could go as much as 2 more). Probably overthinking it, I know, I'm just gonna ride Gurley until he wears out.
  2. longhornguy1019

    WWYS - Who Would You Start

    First week of playoffs - Full point PPR - Who would you start this week (14) QB - R. Wilson, J. Goff RB - M. Gordon, L. Miller, K. Drake, P. Barber; Austin Ekeler WR - K. Allen, A. Thielen, M. Crabtree, D Funchess, R. Anderson TE - H. Henry, G. Olsen FLEX - ???? (one of the above EXCEPT QB) Would love your line-up thoughts...
  3. phinsfan51

    Bilal Powell or Mark Ingram

    My other RB is Gurley who is a no-brainer. My QB is Brees and it's always fun to get a "2 for" if Ingram scores a receiving TD.
  4. I have McKinnon on my roster. I have the option to drop him & pickup Starks. This is to cover bye week and injuries. One of them will need to start. what would you do?
  5. With Rawls potentially being limited Sunday, not sure if I stick with him, or move onto Duke or James White.
  6. igstar

    I need SERIOUS RB help!

    Playoffs time! I went 11-2 during the regular season but lost Jammal Charles and Justin Forsett along the way. Now I'm in a tough situation with my RBs. Which TWO would your start? Buck Allen vs KC Andrews @ NE Langford @ Min Gordon vs Mia Thank you! Send me a link to yours.

    Who do I start?

    I've been able to build a pretty good group of running backs but now I'm not sure who to play, especially with two of them playing tomorrow and the news on Rawls' knee although it's most likely nothing. Anyway, which three should I play this week: A. Peterson, D. Murray, J. Stewart, T. Rawls.
  8. Mustard Lover

    Lamar Miller Usage Quick Hits

    Came across this blog post from this morning. Dave Hyde's a local Miami reporter and Dolphins beat writer for the Sun Sentinel. He sites some interesting usage stats for Lamar Miller, let me know what you guys think. KILLED THE LINK AND COPIED AND PASTED * When the Dolphins had a three-receiver formation, Miller averaged a staggering 6.1 yards a carry, via Football Outsiders. The three-receivers formation demands a nickle defense package, which means one less linebacker and gives space to run. Getting Miller in space is the goal considering his speed. Expect to see that formation more this year. * This is what is meant by a player being used properly: Miller ran 81 percent of his snaps out of the shot gun last year rather than 41 percent in 2013. He's clearly comfortable running out of the shotgun and Bill Lazor saw that in his first season. Again, expect a heavy dose of Miller running from the shotgun. * Miller (and the offensive line) isn't as good as running short-yardage as they've been credited this off-season. Miller ran 17 times on third or fourth down and "short" according to proreference.com, which it defines as three yards or less for a first down. He got 12 first downs out of them. That's pretty good. Cut it to third-or-fourth and short and two yards, and Miller was 11-for-14. Very good, right? The problem is, that stat doesn't factor in the number of times Lazor wasn't comfortable with running Miller in short-yardage situation. You can see that level by seeing Tannehill threw 38 times - more than double Miller ran - on third-or-fourth and short, according to proreference.com. Twenty-four of those went for first downs. Tannehill ran another three times for a first down in those situations. FootballOutsiders stats show teams are statistically more effective running the football than passing it on short-yardage situations. Yet the Dolphins went against that for a reason - namely, they don't have an offense built for short-yardage running. This a concern for the Dolphins again as they don't have an offensive line or a runner suited to that.
  9. Phil Simms 11

    David Cobb - Ten RB

    Do you guys see any value in stashing Cobb? I have Andrews and have been looking for room to add Cobb as well. Good: 1) I read his preseason performance was far better than the other RBs 2) Mariota can move the ball enough for the offense to score some points and the passing needs to be respected 3) The other RBs are not as talented? Bad 1) Oline was a concern - it still is? 2) They have Sankey, Andrews, West, McCluster and Cobb. RBRBRBRBRB-BC 3) They may lose a bunch and end in passing mode
  10. I have Carolina D on bye this week so I need to pick up another D (plenty of streaming D's to choose from) and drop one of mediocre RB's I have been stockpiling... Alfred Morris Danny Woodhead Ronnie Hillman LaGarrette Blount Jonathan Stewart Lamar Miller C.J. Spiller Any thoughts as to who is droppable? send me yours
  11. In a one RB league. I have three rock stars on my roster but can't decide which is my best option. * Le'Veon Bell * Arian Foster * Eddie Lacy Any help is appreciated.
  12. Should I use Hill or Williams as my RB2 this week? Hill faces JAX but it seems that Gio will play. Williams has another shot at starting vs IND but has been mediocre so far. I need to start the player with the highest ceiling since my opponent has all of the Saints skill players. As for FLEX position, the losing RB or WR Terrance Williams vs ARI? I will answer you questions.
  13. DaBeerz

    Who is my best Flex play?

    Who is my best flex play in a 1/2 PPR league (PPR only for TE/WR positions, not RB). We do have big-play scoring bonuses for long TD's, as well as bonuses for 100+ Rushing and 150+ receiving yards (not that I think that will be a factor). Jerick McKinnon RB MIN @ BUF Dwayne Bowe WR KC @ SDG Jordan Reed TE WAS vs. TEN Larry Donnell TE NYG @ DAL Help me out, I will look at yours!
  14. nygiants12

    Gronk Risk Reward? Trade Advice

    So I got an offer from an 0-3 team : Gronk/Bradshaw for my Dez/Donnell I'm 1-2 and could be 2-1 if I had started Cousins or Marshall didnt drop an egg.. I'm gonna reject this offer and come back with a counter : He has Charles,Foster,bradshaw,Martin,miller,ridley - No WR though... So what do ya think it would take to grab Gronk and Charles from him? He declined my Colston for Bradshaw offer so looks like he's valuing Bradshaw pretty high , Maybe I should of offered GTate for him... Any Idea's or advice? Line-up In Sig
  15. nygiants12

    Ball for Dez strait up PPR

    So I'm weak at RB and its 1 Pt PPR Stacy Forsett Ivory D.willams I'm WR heavy Bryant Marshall Maclin Colston Boldin Tate Was offered M.Ball for Bryant strait up : we start QB, RB1-3 ,WR1-3 etc.. Should I pull trigger? I've been relying on 3wr start and started Stacy wk 1 and Forsett wk 2 with avg production out of those guys. If I move Bryant I start Marshall Maclin and rotate 3rd on matchup...I'm screwed if maclin goes down so not sure what to do... any advice?
  16. Hi All - My team is weak at RB (especially with inuries in week 1) and I can only blame so much on a live draft in Vegas, at the pool at the Palazzo. (Note: well worth doing at least once). I am pretty strong at WR and grabbed J Gordon as a FA after the draft. If he gets reinstated, I'm thinking of looking for a trade for him (maybe even before he plays if he's reinstated this week since he has questionable QBs?) to get a decent RB. Or maybe I just roll with 3 very strong WR and keep him? League: 12 Team, Non-PPR, 6 pts for ALL TD (rush and receive), Start: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, DEF, K, IDP, IDP Team: QB: Foles, Cutler WR: Megatron, Julio Jones, Kendall Wright, Harry Douglas, Andrew Hawkins, Josh Gordon RB: Doug Martin (injured), Toby Gerhart (injured), Darren McFadden, James Starks (had Ray Rice - bye bye!) TE: Jordan Reed (injured), Tim Wright DEF: Cincinatti K: Phil Dawson IDP (2): meh I'd be willing to shop any of the WR other than Calvin J. Just not sure who to shoot for as far as RB (and possibly TE). Any advice appreciated and I will give an opinion on yours if I can add value. Thanks, cpit
  17. First year back in FF after a 6 year break. SO many names I do not know LOL. Draft was 2.5 weeks ago, so I just bought my Fantasy Index sheet, and drafted from it. Not too thrilled with my team, but that is a topic for another day.... Flex position in a PPR league: WR Julian Edelman (leaning towards) RB Mark Ingram WR Brian Hartline RB James Stewart WR Brandin Cooks Everything I read on all these guys is hot and cold. I feel like I could be playing Russian Roulette with any and all of them. Thoughts? Leave a link if you like, and I'll answer yours, if I know the players that is. LOL
  18. @WeTlkFntsySprts

    5 Worst Week 1 RB Matchups

    Obviously there are worse matchups for some RBs, but these will have the biggest impact on fantasy football no? Eddie Lacy - Seahawks DeMarco Murray - Niners Doug Martin - Panthers Gio Bernard - Ravens Rashad Jennings - Lions EDIT - Jennings replaces Peterson. AP vs Rams is not as bad as I initially thought, thanks for insight. They allowed 6th most fantasy points per game to RBs. Can you think of a RB picked in the 1st 5 rounds with a worse matchup to start the season?
  19. Its sad that I draft CJ2k in the 3rd Rd. and I never play the guy and when I do its at Flex. I drafted Le'veon Bell and Gio in the last rds. So I shuffle them with Knowshon. Chris Johnson is just so inconsistent it may kill my team. Good thing I waiver wired Moreno he is my RB1.
  20. JBSteinle

    Bye week problems

    Is there any word yet on his injury? I need to pick up a RB this week or i'm going to have to play an empty slot due to bye week problems. Would you guys pickup Stacy and start him even with the injury? Joesph Randle, Brandon Bolden and Green-Ellis are other RB's that are available. Should I pickup one of those RB's instead?
  21. JBSteinle

    RB Help!

    My team really needs some help at RB. Right now I have Charles, Sproles and MJD. I need more production from my RB2. Jacquizz Rodgers and Mike James are both available in my league. Should I drop MJD for either Rodgers or James? Will Rodgers still have value once Stephen Jackson comes back?
  22. I'm in a PPR, 12-team league. I've been holding a bench spot for BB since my league's draft, hoping our league's McCoy owner would talk trade (he won't) or that McCoy would be injured and then Brown would get the start (not looking likely). Is it finally worth dropping him to free up usable space on my team?
  23. JBSteinle

    RB Help!

    My team really needs some help at RB because I have MJD and Ben Tate who haven't really done anything all year. I don't think I have time to wait for a Foster injury for Tate to step up. I need production but the problem is there is nothing much out there on waivers. Somebody in my league actually dropped Ahmad Bradshaw after his injury. Would you drop MJD for Bradshaw? Also should I drop Tate and pickup Denarious Moore, Jacquizz Rodgers or Jonathan Franklin?
  24. JBSteinle

    Stevan Ridley

    So a team in my league actually dropped Stevan Ridley this morning. Should I drop Ben Tate to pickup Ridley?
  25. JBSteinle

    Fred Jackson or Ben Tate?

    I need another RB since MJD is hurting. Fred Jackson and Ben Tate are both available in my league. Who would you pickup?