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Found 7 results

  1. FFTradeMachine

    Fantasy Football TradeMachine

    Hi there! I hate shameless self promotion, but with my brother we made this App thinking about people like us (those who love fantasy football). We spent the last few months working on Fantasy Football TradeMachine, the first App that will rate your fantasy football trades. The App is easy to use: select your League scoring format, select the players involved in the trade (you can choose all players, included Draft Picks) and the APP will tell you if the trade is AWFUL, BAD, EQUAL, GOOD or AWESOME for your team. You can try ALL the trades that you want. The value of the trade is determined by an algorithm, updated every single week. The download is cheap, less than $2 (a starbucks coffee). Why this price? 1. Unfortunately development and server cost tons of money, and we’re normal people working 9-5 2. We could’ve made an elite thing, with some rankings and making money by subscription per month maybe 10 dollar per month (like many do), but we don’t care about making cash, but doing something cool to reach as many people as possible. And all of you can afford something that cost less than a Starbucks coffee Please feel free to share your thoughts, ideas or feedback, it’d be much appreciated!! We want to build and improve something useful and nice for you. Please join our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantasyfootballtrademachine/ DOWNLOAD IOS: https://apple.co/2uLnKxo DOWNLOAD ANDROID: https://bit.ly/2LuJNQ7 Thank you!
  2. chinombre

    Kelce for Ajayi?

    Been offered Ajayi for Kelce. My opponent has a glut of RBs (I'm thin), but I'd be forced to rely on Engram at TE. 1/2 PPR league My team (5-1) QB: Winston, Taylor RB: Gurley, D Lewis, J Allen, D Henry WR: J Jones, W Fuller, Diggs, Kupp, Maclin TE: Kelce, Engram K: Lutz D: Ravens His team (2-4) QB: Brees RB: Ingram, Ajayi, Martin, McKinnon WR: AJ Green, D Hopkins, A Cooper, Jones Jr TE: Dickson, O'Leary K: Bailey, Prater D: Cowboys, Chiefs
  3. Saint Elistan

    Steam Gaming Thread

    I realize most of you old farts have probably never even heard of Steam. But on the off chance that some of my fellow Geeks have a computer capable of playing games, I wouldn't mind having you as friends on this platform. My User Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/saintelistan
  4. Being a fairly (see aggressive(ly)) active member in my league when it comes to trades, waiver wire additions and free agent pickups I just noticed that my team (7-1, 2nd Highest Scoring in my league) has 4!!! of the originally drafted 16 players still on my roster. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen or had drastic roster revamps which could possibly include forking up your future (my main league is a 1st year keeper league) in pursuit of that elusive ring. *Since the league is a keeper, draft picks were involved in my trades the earliest of which i gave up was a 2nd rounder. Starting Lineup (in bold) consists of a QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, RB/WR/TE, K, and DST in a 1point PPR keeper league. Week 1 Roster; Carson Palmer, LeSean McCoy, Shane Vereen, Knowshon Moreno (FA Pickup), Ben Tate, Giovanni Bernard, LeVeon Bell (IR), Roddy White, Danny Amendola, Randall Cobb, Brian Hartline, Vincent Brown, Josh Gordon (FA), Jimmy Graham, Patriots, Buccaneers, Garrett Hartley (FA). Week 9 Roster; RGIII (Trade), LeSean McCoy, Alfred Morris (Trade), LeVeon Bell, Zac Stacy (FA), Doug Martin (WW), Wes Welker (Trade Deadline Deal), Andre Johnson (Trade), Victor Cruz (Trade), Josh Gordon (FA), Roddy White, Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis (Trade), Panthers (FA), Titans (WW), Garrett Hartley (FA). Of the 16 drafted i still have; McCoy, Bell, White (puke), and Jimmy Graham. I would list the trades but feel like noone really cares, if you have any interesting ones please do list your team transformations.
  5. I was offered Demaryius Thomas for cj spiller and Leveon bell.....should I pull the trigger? Non PPR league My team QBs- cam newton, terrelle Pryor RBs- marshawn lynch, Reggie bush, cj spiller, Leveon bell WRs- victor Cruz, Pierre garçon, TE- Julius Thomas I have a few WR on bench I only picked up for week 6 match ups Leonard hankerson Keenan allen
  6. Below you will find my team followed by the other 9 teams in my league. They are in the order of our current standings after week 4. I also listed some current waiver wire players below. I am in 1st place and I want to know if there is any way I can improve my team. These are essentially the questions I'm sparking with this post: What trades can I make with other teams to improve mine? Are any of these waiver wire players worth picking up? Whose team is best in this league? Am I looking alright going forward? I AM knowledgeable about football, but I would like the opinions of other knowledgeable Fantasy managers. And of course, leave a link and I will answer yours... All the scoring settings are below in my signature... Thanks to everyone who takes the time!!! My Team (3-1) QB: T Romo, P Rivers WR: B Marshall, D Amendola, P Garcon, K Thompkins, S Johnson, E Sanders RB: A Foster, M Forte, L Miller, D Woodhead TE: J Cameron, J Thomas, G Olson K: D Bailey D: Bears Team A (3-1) QB: T Brady, E Manning WR: D Bryant, J Nelson, H Nicks, B LaFell RB: J Charles, R Bush, J Bell, R Matthews, L Bell, W McGahee TE: J Witten K: P Dawson D: Chiefs, Seahawks, Patriots Team B (3-1) QB: A Rodgers, J Cutler WR: R Wayne, V Jackson, A Brown, J Jones, L Moore, A Jeffery, S Holmes RB: F Gore, M Jones-Drew, D Williams, D Wilson, TE: A Gates, B Celek K: S Gostkowski D: 49er's Team C (3-1) QB: M Ryan WR: A.J. Green, D jackson, M Colston, J Gordon, C Shorts, M Floyd RB: D Martin, S Jackson,S Ridley, J Starks, R Mendenhall, R Jennings TE: T Gonzalez, J Cook K: M Prater D: Cowboys Team D (3-1) QB: C Kaepernick, R Wilson WR: L Fitzgerald, V Cruz, M Austin, R Rueben, J Blackmon, R Cooper RB: A Morris, M Lynch, M Ingram, J Rodgers TE: M Bennett, O Daniels K: B Walsh D: Falcons, Buccaneers Team E (2-2) QB: RG3, M Vick WR: J Jones, R Cobb, E Decker, T.Y. Hilton, P Harvin, D Hopkins, E Royal RB: L McCoy, E Lacy, S Vereen, B Brown, B Pierce TE: J Graham K: C Sturgis D: Colts Team F (1-3) QB: M Stafford, M Schaub WR: D Thomas, J Edelman, N Washington, S Rice, M Williams, D Avery RB: D Murray, CJ Spiller, T Richardson, D Richardson, B Tate TE: J Finley, K Winslow K: G Zuerlein D: Panthers Team G (1-3) QB: D Brees, G Smith WR: C Johnson,W Welker, T Smith, G Jennings, G Tate, T Austin, D Moore, J Simpson RB: B Powell, J Snelling, B Green-Ellis TE: R Gronkowski, C Clay K: M Bryant D: Bengals Team H (1-3) QB: A Luck, J Flacco WR: A Johnson, A Boldin, D Bowe, B Hartline,L Hankerson, A Collie RB: R Rice, C Johnson, G Bernard, D McFadden, A Ellington TE: V Davis, C Fleener K: D Akers D: Texans Team I (0-4) QB: P Manning, C Newton, B Rothlisberger WR: R White, S Smith,M Wallace, D Bess RB: A Peterson, D Sproles, K Moreno,F Jackson, A Bradshaw, I Pead TE: B Myers, K Rudulph K: S Janikowski D: Ravens WAIVER WIRE QB: T Pryor, A Smith, A Dalton, S Bradford, C Palmer, B Hoyer, R Tannenhill WR: M Brown, R Woods, C Givens, J Cotchery, D Baldwin, S Moss, K Wright, R Broyles RB: P Thomas, C Ogbonnaya, R Helu, R Hillman, M Ball, L Blount, B Boldin, M Goodson TE: D Clarke, J Gresham, S Chandler K: N Novak, D Carpenter, G Hartley, A Henry D: Titans, Broncos, Vikings, Browns, Bills, Cardinals, Saints, Lions
  7. saintsthunder

    Buy High, Sell Low

    So unlike most people i know, my trade targets are players considered expensive if you will and i sell or drop players underperforming. In past years i have 'bought' Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, Chris Johnson, Doug Martin, RG3 etc. Accordingly i have also sold low on players like Miles Austin last year, and coincedentally Chris Johnson also. My thought process is i'd much rather get a player that i KNOW is performing and will perform rather than someone who is slumping and will produce later. Part of the reason is my friends are ultra competitive so all the buy low targets aren't available at the presumed 'low' price. Another reason i can always afford to do this is i usually draft well, i ALWAYS load up on skill positions and try to package buy low targets into one good player. for instance, this week i'd be comfy buying peyton manning though it might cost me a fortune by pairing up roddy white (a buy low target for some), shane vereen (since he'll only miss a couple of weeks) and some sweeteners. sure the owner might not bite, but i'm targeting the owner of drew brees, aj green, ap, optimus prime etc with the same deal and i bet one of those guys will want to talk. this might not make sense to most of you guy since i tend to ramble when i type but i love zigging when most zag. sell the players that everyone wants to 'buy low' for a guy who produces day in day out, but only if you have the depth to cover. in this instance since vereen was/is my rb2 i'd be more inclined to target rb's, like reggie bush etc. i'm not saying don't buy low while selling high, i'm just saying there's situations where paying the high price is well worth the players. especially when it seems like you're losing value. disclaimer: i can't emphasize the 'make sure you have depth part' enough though, also i tend to do these kinds of trades around week 3-4 when i have more of an idea of how the season is going. thoughts?