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Found 86 results

  1. jeffkomlo


    PPR pick two: Singletary Calloway J. Conner KIrk Schultz Thanks in advance
  2. jeffkomlo

    WR/TE/FLEX help

    Need 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 Flex, who's odd man out? Aiyuk SF Lazard GB McLaurin Wash Goedert Phi Tonyan GB Thanks
  3. jeffkomlo

    Flex help!

    Need flex help: PICK ONE: D.Harris Rb NE H. Henry TE Josh Kelly RB Gaskin RB
  4. jeffkomlo

    Which 2 RB

    Have Cohen, who's been sucking Lewis TN Henry TN pick 2 please...
  5. jeffkomlo

    RB help Lewis or Barber

    Lewis v. Tenn or Barber v. Pitt? thx
  6. jeffkomlo

    need lineup help

    Need 2 RB, 2 WR, Flex out of these D. Murray D. Henry C. Thompson Ajayi Fitzgerald A. Cooper Funchess leaning toward - D Murray, Thompson, Fitz, Cooper and Funchess thoughts?
  7. jeffkomlo

    TE help REED or Brate?

    quick one Reed or Brate at TE? thx
  8. jeffkomlo

    QB help

    PIck one: Mariota v Jax Rivers v MIA
  9. Winner today gets $1k, loser gets $500. Full PPR league. 3 questions: QB: Roethlisberger @ Buffalo or Cousins @ Philadelphia? (I have A. Brown stacked in my lineup) Flex: Isaiah Crowell vs Bengals or Rishard Matthews vs Broncos or Cameron Brate vs Saints? Team Defense: Buffalo vs Steelers or Baltimore @ New England?
  10. jeffkomlo

    Too many choices, help

    Cooper or Cooks at WR? Mariota or Manning at QB? Kelly or Rawls at RB?
  11. jeffkomlo

    Mariota or Manning?

    Hot hand Mariota agst IND in high scoring game or Eli agst bad CHI. Def? thx
  12. j0ker

    Bortles or Cousins?

    Obviously chose wrong last week in Cousins. He cost me the week literally by 3 points cause he couldn't throw ONE td. Now I'm in the dreaded flip flop of does Cousins come back with a vengeance at home against Dallas? Or Go with Bortles on the road at San Diego. Bortles only threw one td last week himself so neither is a lock right? Thanks and leave a link.
  13. j0ker

    Bortles or Cousins?

    So it's only week one and I'm already down by thirty points thanks to CJ Anderson. Do I go Bortles in a possible shootout with Green Bay? Or Cousins in a possible shootout with Big Ben on Monday night? I am TORN to say the least and both are projected around the same from the all "experts". I don't see either team running much. If it matters I'm going against Antonio Brown too. Non ppr and td's are worth 6 from Qb's. Thanks and leave a link.
  14. jeffkomlo

    TE help

    Who to start? Ebron Rodgers GB Gilmore Have Rodgers but Ebron is on ww
  15. I gave up on Matt Ryan and picked both these guys up. Both these kids can play. Any Steelers homers have a good or bad feeling about Carr going to Heinz Field? Is it too risky to trust Taylor returning from an injury? Almost every single ranking has them neck and neck at #10 or flip-flopped with one at #9 one at #15ish.
  16. jeffkomlo

    rb help

    Need 3 out of these 4 Morris Abdullah Matt Jones Knile Davis Thanks
  17. Yahoo league, standard, 3 WRs start each week, no flex. The offer is Tyler Eiffert for Golden Tate. I've got Delanie Walker and Jordan Reed, so it's not like I'm hurting at tight end but I think Eiffert would obviously be a sweet upgrade. My WRs are AJ Green, Deandre Hopkins, Golden Tate, Sammy Watkins, and an injured Victor Cruz. So I'd be short on WRs, and I'd have 2 bengals in aj and eiffert. Whatcha think? Leave a link for yours and I'll help you out as well
  18. Pick one, standard scoring (listed in no particular order)- Mark Sanchez vs. Seattle Teddy Bridgewater vs. NYJ Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Jaguars (who, surprisingly, have been pretty solid against QBs lately) Shaun Hill @ Washington Brian Hoyer vs. IND It's playoff time, and my streaming-QB decision has never been harder. Let me know what you think and why and I'll help you in return if you have a post on the front page(or leave a link)
  19. Dalton has been killing me the past few weeks. All the rankings I seen have him above the likes of Fitzpatrick and Hill. Would you stick with Dalton based on rankings or roll with one of the other two? Thanks! Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  20. ffrookie312

    Do I take this trade?

    I am 6-3 and I have Romo traded for foles and grabbed Sanchez off the WW. I was offered Big Ben for Julio should I do that trade its a 1pt ppr league. I can start up to 5 wr with flex spots. I was wondering if I should ride with the qbs I have and use my wr depth to improve my rb core. My other wrs are E.Sanders D.Adams J.Hunter J.Gordon C.Pat Rbs: A.Ellington J.Hill C.Sims C.Hyde Thanks will answer yours leave a link
  21. ffff

    A few questions, WHIR

    Flacco vs Atl or Romo vs NYG? I'm thinking Flacco because of Atlanta's defense. I don't think Romo is a bad play, but thinking Flacco might do a bit more. Seattle D/ST @ StL or Houston D/ST @ Pit? Picked up Houston this week because they've been the #4 scoring D/ST but not sure if I'm ready to give up on Seattle yet. Hoping they bounce back vs StL. Blair Walsh (Min kicker) @ Buffalo or Matt Prater (Det kicker) vs NO? Prater is still available in my league and even though he only went 1 for 3 in his return, I'm tempted to pick him up since Detroit's offense is better than Minnesota's. On the other hand, I picked Walsh specifically because Minnesota kind of sucks and he kicks 50 yard bombs. He had two bad games against tough defenses, but he's going up against Buffalo, TB and Washington before his bye week, so I'm tempted to ride it out and drop him then. Thanks, will help in return
  22. Standard scoring, non-ppr Jordan Cameron @Jax: 28th ranked defense against TE. Trustworthy yet? M. Sanu @Indy: 4th ranked defense against WR. WR1 as long as AJ Green is out. T. Williams vs NYG: 14th ranked defense again WR. Would be going against a backup if Rodgers-Cromartie is out. Let me know who you'd roll with and why. Leave a link and I'll help you out.
  23. ffff

    Pick 3 WRs WHIR

    Victor Cruz vs Philadelphia DeSean Jackson vs Arizona Mike Wallace vs Green Bay Mohamed Sanu vs Carolina PPR, 1 point per reception. Will help in return.
  24. -Storm Johnson vs. JAX or CJ Spiller vs. NE -Torrey Smith @ TB(He's due!) or VJAX vs. BAL (banged up) Pick two- Alf Mo' @ ARI, Ridley @ BUF, or Storm Johnson vs. JAX will help in return
  25. Pick 2 for a standard scoring non-ppr league. Alf Morrison vs Cards: put up a stinker against Seattle last week without pass catching ability. Faces a tough Cards defense. Terrence Williams (Dal) vs Seattle: DBs are stout but not necessarily invincible. Has done pretty well over the past few weeks. M. Sanu (Cin) vs Carolina: becomes the default WR1 with AJ out and Martin still nursing an injury. Which 2 do you roll with and why? Leave a link.