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Found 25 results

  1. Armchairwarrior

    Edelman’s value with AB

    Up down unchanged
  2. longhornguy1019

    WWYS - Who Would You Start

    First week of playoffs - Full point PPR - Who would you start this week (14) QB - R. Wilson, J. Goff RB - M. Gordon, L. Miller, K. Drake, P. Barber; Austin Ekeler WR - K. Allen, A. Thielen, M. Crabtree, D Funchess, R. Anderson TE - H. Henry, G. Olsen FLEX - ???? (one of the above EXCEPT QB) Would love your line-up thoughts...
  3. longhornguy1019

    Start 3 of these 4 WR

    Full point PPR - Must win this week to make playoffs. Keenan Allen vs. CLE Adam Thielen vs. ATL Robby Anderson vs. KC Devin Funchess vs. NO Help! Who is being left out? Also, should i play Kenyan Drake over Lamar Miller? Miller has gimpy Knee right now....
  4. Ga girl 007

    Matthews, Ginn or Adams

    Who do i start in place of Julio? I picked up Lockett. I can pick up Garcon, Beasley, or Snead. I have Mitchell already in my line up.
  5. dkhasidy

    WR Advice

    Need advice. Pick 3 of the 4 WR. Crabtree (most likely) - decent floor Snead - decent floor Maclin - who knows Sheppard - what happened to the giants offense? Leave link and ill help in return
  6. Phil Simms 11

    Willie Snead

    This guy is gaining in snap count and targets, now playing the second most WR snaps for New Orleans barely over Colston and behind Cooks. The guy is 5-11 but a good route runner. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/willie-snead-climbs-saints-depth-153931866.html Anybody giving him a look? I picked him up already.
  7. DaBeerz

    Who is my best Flex play?

    Who is my best flex play in a 1/2 PPR league (PPR only for TE/WR positions, not RB). We do have big-play scoring bonuses for long TD's, as well as bonuses for 100+ Rushing and 150+ receiving yards (not that I think that will be a factor). Jerick McKinnon RB MIN @ BUF Dwayne Bowe WR KC @ SDG Jordan Reed TE WAS vs. TEN Larry Donnell TE NYG @ DAL Help me out, I will look at yours!
  8. fostersfutbol

    Help me, i help you....

    Yes, I know, my WR's suck.... but I still need to start 2 of the following 4 (standard non-PPR): Mike Wallace Keenan Allen Brian Quick Wes Welker Conventional wisdom says Wallace and Allen. But I'm really leaning to Quick over Allen as he's been more reliable. Which 2 would you start?
  9. nygiants12

    Ball for Dez strait up PPR

    So I'm weak at RB and its 1 Pt PPR Stacy Forsett Ivory D.willams I'm WR heavy Bryant Marshall Maclin Colston Boldin Tate Was offered M.Ball for Bryant strait up : we start QB, RB1-3 ,WR1-3 etc.. Should I pull trigger? I've been relying on 3wr start and started Stacy wk 1 and Forsett wk 2 with avg production out of those guys. If I move Bryant I start Marshall Maclin and rotate 3rd on matchup...I'm screwed if maclin goes down so not sure what to do... any advice?
  10. First year back in FF after a 6 year break. SO many names I do not know LOL. Draft was 2.5 weeks ago, so I just bought my Fantasy Index sheet, and drafted from it. Not too thrilled with my team, but that is a topic for another day.... Flex position in a PPR league: WR Julian Edelman (leaning towards) RB Mark Ingram WR Brian Hartline RB James Stewart WR Brandin Cooks Everything I read on all these guys is hot and cold. I feel like I could be playing Russian Roulette with any and all of them. Thoughts? Leave a link if you like, and I'll answer yours, if I know the players that is. LOL
  11. ec321a


    Okay, so I made the playoffs with my win and a division rivals loss... yes it sucks but I could have missed the playoffs at 10-4 (WTF?)... 1. Nick Foles @ MIN or a rebounding Luck taking on HOU? I'm thinking Foles is still the hot hand to ride, but luck cost me 20 points this week in a no start. 2. D/ST DEN taking on SD or DET taking on BAL? Pretty sure DET is the right pick... feel free to throw in sneaky waiver analysis if you have any, TEN is available and playing the Cards, but it seems like a coin flip, either 25 points or 2, lol. 3. Biggest question... My receivers: D. Thomas, T. Smith, M. Floyd, M. Crabtree, C. Patterson. I need (3). Thomas is a lock with Welker out, and even on a short week I have faith in all my Broncs (Thomas, Thomas, Moreno, Prater). Thinking Torrey Smith should be locked, especially playing DET, but this contradicts my D/ST start. Floyd vs. TEN could be another coin flip... they're tough... but Fitz could take all the coverage allowing for a huge day, or they could both fail. Patterson is playing the Eagles which looks lovely, but he's yet to be that "every week" guy... but has huge upside (we get special teams through the player and whoever has the D/ST) And Crabtree... woe is me... I dunno what to do about him... Throw him in? I doubt it, but next week he might be a must start against ATL. Anyways, pick 3 receivers. If you could reply in the same format I posted, i.e., number your responses 1. 2. 3. for easier reading, I'd sure appreciate it - and AS ALWAYS I RESPOND TO EVERY LINK!!! Thanks Geeks - JW
  12. daver1617

    V. Cruz, J. Nelson, E. Decker

    Start 2. Thoughts?
  13. Im in a non-ppr league that starts 3 Wrs and a Flex. My WR2/WR3 have been pretty much dead weight for most of the season. My hope is to pickup Boykin to breathe a breath of fresh air into my team, much like R Cooper. So if I grab Boykin, who do I get rid of? Anquan Boldin Dwayne Bowe Rueben Randle My other WRs include Aaron Dobson, Riley Cooper and Dez Bryant. My first thought is to rid my team of A Boldin, buy they have all crapped out rather equally. Thoughts? Thanks, Ray
  14. JBSteinle

    Torrey Smith or Denarius Moore

    Due to bye weeks ad injuries one team in my league actually dropped Torrey Smith. The only guy I can drop on my team is Denarius Moore. The problem is they have almost identical season with around 68 fantasy points each. Would you rather have Moore or Smith for rest of the season?
  15. JBSteinle

    Who would you pickup?

    In my league we start WR/TE's. Due to bye week/injury problems there are a few big name WR/TE's available. If you can only pick up one, would you pick up Torrey Smith, Antonio Gates or Marvin Jones?
  16. lowspark

    Stevie Johnson vs Amendola

    Looking to fill my WR3 spot. Comes down to Stevie Johnson vs Amendola. Whatcha think? Send me yours?
  17. Fantasy Turds

    WR Help Needed

    Lost Julio AND Randall Cobb to injury. A. Jeffery, T. Smith and K. Allen on BYE this week. picked up Boykin and Douglass. Non-PPR league Playing Boykin. Do I roll with Douglass or drop someone and look for WW pickup? Jarret Boykin @ MIN Harry Douglass @ ARI Available on WW Cecil Shorts vs SF Brian Hartline @ NE Jeremy Kerley @ CIN Kris Durham vs DAL
  18. I'm afraid that now that he's a FA, he may go fast. Hoping you all can help!
  19. So I have two options this week I would love some help with: 1) I need to play one or the other. Shorts has a pretty high fantasy threshold in my mind for this one even though they're playing Denver (all those targets!)...but Randle seems to really be locked in as Eli's #1 reciever. You know, when Eli has enough time to throw the ball his way accurately. or, 2) My other option is to bench TE superstar Cameron, who's been in my Flex position every week, in favor of Shorts/Randle (Jimmy Graham is my starting TE). But I feel like I've gotta play Cameron...
  20. JBSteinle

    Alshon Jeffrey

    Alshon Jeffrey is still available in my league. Would you guys drop Steve Smith to pick up Jeffrey? Also if I do pickup Jeffrey would you start him next week over Fitzgerald(vs SF)??
  21. JBSteinle

    Do I bench Fitz?

    I have Fitzgerald on my team. They say he is going to be limited again this week. Should I bench Fitz? I could start either Ben Tate or Miles Austin instead.
  22. JBSteinle

    Who should I pick up?

    In my league we start 3 WR/TE's instead of a TE spot. Julius Thomas, Jared Cook, Fred Jackson and Julian Edelman are all available in my league. Who should I try and pickup? My team is in my sig.
  23. I originally had Tate but I'm thinking Cameron is a better flex play this week. Thoughts? I also have: QB: Eli Manning RB: Forte, D. Thomas (zero depth at RB right now cuz Le'Veon Bell is hurt for me) WR: Amendola, Shorts, T. Smith K: Akers DEF: Pats Thanks in advance.
  24. Freeby789

    Interesting problem

    I have a bit of a situation: Pick a scenario - Standard Scoring - 12 teamer A. Start Welker in the WR slot tonight - leave the flex available to either R White (if he can't go) or Richardson/Miller B. Sit Welker tonight - will start Richardson/Miller in flex and R. White in WR slot - if White can't go, I would have to go with Givens or Randle C. Start Welker and White no matter what I feel like White will start and against NO, it should be a shootout. I am leaning towards not starting Welker tonight - give it a game to see how he is used. Thanks for your help.
  25. onejayhawk

    Deep WR help - 14 teams, no PPR

    I drafted the first half of my team, but had to do the last 6 rounds on auto. I had neglected to put Crabtree on do not draft, so the system grabbed him. Rather then dump him right away, I have been hoping to catch an emerging player. My starters are already thin, though i have good depth at RB. Which WR look like possible pickups based on TC and preseason? Here is the whole roster: QB Tom Brady WR Demaryius Thomas WR Steve Smith WR Kembrell Thompkins RB Alfred Morris RB Montee Ball TE Rob Housler K David Akers DEF St. Louis BN Shane Vereen BN Giovani Bernard BN Bryce Brown BN Michael Crabtree BN Jon Baldwin In no particular order, here are some available names. The Chiefs have no defined WR2, so I picked up Baldwin and listed the others. Brian Quick Davone Bess AJ Jenkins Dexter McCluster Donny Avery Marcus Wheaton Riley Cooper