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Found 8 results

  1. mcostley

    Lineup Help Week 1

    Pick two of these three: Ekeler, Aaron Jones, and Lockett. I'm feeling Ekeler and Lockett. Need an RB and a Flex. Thanks! Good luck this week guys!
  2. Have Frank Gore, thoughr devin would be a good handcuff but they want DJ Moore in Trade. None of these are my starters but would be flex.
  3. So I went with a stars and scrubs strategy in 2016 and won my league. I spent $62, $54, and $31 on my top 3 picks. It seems as if a few managers noticed this and in 2017 the prices paid for top players went up almost 10%. The league is a 12 team league, non-PPR, standard scoring and lineup. In 2016 the top ten players went for an average of $59 topping out at $68 for number 1. In 2017, the top ten players went for an average of $64 topping out at $69 for number 1. How do I capitalize on this? Do I stick to my strategy and just increase my budget for my top 3-4 picks, leaving even less for bench players and the flex spot? Or is there an angle to take and go against the grain for an advantage? I spent $166 on my top 4 players in 2016 when I won the league...
  4. NoSurrender

    Would you make this trade?

    Give E.Lacy & A.Johnson Get A.Brown 12 Team League- Standard Scoring - non ppr Start - QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, W/R/T, K, DST My team: QB: (Streaming) C.Palmer RB: E.Lacy A.Bradshaw R.Hillman M.Ball J.Hill I.Crowell A.Blue WR: D.Bryant M.Sanu D.Hopkins A.Johnson TE: T.Kelce K: C.Santos DST: (Streaming) Kansas City
  5. I'm 2-3 and seriously debating on starting the Golden one over Marshall due to Calvin being out next few weeks.....Good or Bad Idea? On side note was offered Murray for both those guys, as you can see in my sig im rollin with some turrible RB's... Even though Forcett is 4th in my league in RB pts...no way that lasts..Trade gotta be even so I can pick from : Hawkins, Andrew CLE WR 51.10 4 Allen, Dwayne IND TE 59.40 Robinson, Allen JAC WR ® 46.30 11 Wright, Kendall TEN WR 69.60 Thoughts?
  6. Ok WW Trade question: (1PT PPR) Pick up Brown or Rainey Should I Drop Ivory,Forcett or is a wash and will get same production outta them? Or should I target B.pierce in trade for Colston or Boldin QB-Brady Cousins RB-Stacy Ivory Forcett D-will WR-Marshall Dez Maclin Tate TE-Donnell Reed
  7. nygiants12

    Ball for Dez strait up PPR

    So I'm weak at RB and its 1 Pt PPR Stacy Forsett Ivory D.willams I'm WR heavy Bryant Marshall Maclin Colston Boldin Tate Was offered M.Ball for Bryant strait up : we start QB, RB1-3 ,WR1-3 etc.. Should I pull trigger? I've been relying on 3wr start and started Stacy wk 1 and Forsett wk 2 with avg production out of those guys. If I move Bryant I start Marshall Maclin and rotate 3rd on matchup...I'm screwed if maclin goes down so not sure what to do... any advice?
  8. jjsabbagh

    Rate my team?

    My starting lineup for an 8 man standard league. QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: LeSean McCoy, DeMarco Murray WR: Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald, DeSean Jackson FLEX: Doug Martin TE: Gronkowski DEF: Chiefs K: Haushska BENCH: Russell Wilson, C.J Spiller, Toby Gerhart, Keenan Allen, Mike Wallace I get to keep two keepers at the end of the year, who are you thinking as of right now? And does my starting lineup look good?