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Found 5 results

  1. 10 team league through ESPN Custom scoring [40+ yd TD pass +1, 50+ yd TD pass +2, 2pt passing conversion +2] I believe all other scoring is standard link to setting will be below $40 Dues / Buy-in 100% Payout Leaguesafe Used Drafting Sept 5th 8:30 PM PST Settings games.espn.go.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=1576266 Draft order decideded randomly one hour prior to draft 4 teams make the playoffs 2 rounds Payout is as follows 1st $225 2nd $100 3rd $50 Most reg season points $25 This will be our leagues second year we had a lot of fun and many high scoring games with this 2 QB no Kicker format last year and I hope it will be something be keep coming back and playing. We are all active, like to make trades, and a far amount of good natured trash talk for the most part, We have had a couple of spots open up due to inactive owners if this sounds like the league for you shoot me a message or send me an email. To join the league I require only two things; 1 that you be an active owner for the entire season. 2 you are ready and able to make a prompt leaguesafe payment, this league has and will always use leaguesafe since we have members spread across the globe. Be sure to check the settings page the link is above ^ and feel free to message or email me with any question or requests to join. sprolesroyc3@gmail.com **please reference 2 QB in email or message
  2. Three openings in 5th Year League: Cruel World Fantasy The 2015 CWF live draft is this Tuesday (Sept. 1) at 8:30 pm Eastern on Yahoo! $50 fee due by draft through Leaguesafe with 100% of league funds to prizes (top three teams + the winner of the consolation bracket). https://yho.com/nfl?l=426839&k=5d6c5e131b59e43b&ikey=ae04dc7f745b6894 This is a fun, high-scoring 12-team league (two divisions) in its fifth year, with many repeat teams. Custom rosters, including two flexes, one IDP slot AND a team defense. Lots of bonus opportunities and fractional points for first downs. One-half point per reception. No weekly waivers (if a free agent is breaking out in a game you're watching, sign him right then). The $50 fee is due through Leaguesafe prior to the Sept. 1 draft, with 100% payout: $300 for the league champ, $150 for the runner up, $85 for 3rd place and $65 for the winner of the consolation bracket. If you'd like to join, the only requirements are being able to pay the fee before the draft and willing to compete for the entire season. Since there are only three openings, the first three teams to join the league in Yahoo and pay the fee are in. (After you join in Yahoo!, I'll have the Leaguesafe info emailed to you shortly). To view league settings and/or join in Yahoo! https://yho.com/nfl?l=426839&k=5d6c5e131b59e43b&ikey=ae04dc7f745b6894 Questions? E-mail Chad at... cruelshoe AT gmail DOT com
  3. I'm in a 12 team PPR league which is a little different from standard PPR leagues because everyone gets 6 points for a TD. There's also bonuses for 300yd or 400yd passing games, and 100 and 200 rush/receiving games. I'm looking at the ESPN cheat sheets and I know they're doing some kind of calculation where they're ranking the players compared to how steep the drop off is, but I'm not sure what it is they're doing (Like for QBs, are they comparing to the next player? the average of the top 12? the average QB? the 13th QB?) I can change ESPN's scoring projections to the scoring system used in my league, which changes the rankings for a position, I'm just not sure how to combine the new lists into an overall order. And drafting 11th, I'd like to come up with a better plan than draft Doug Martin and hope he doesn't suck this year. Can anybody help me out? Thanks
  4. I usually run leagues on ESPN, but I wanted to check out NFL.com this year as well, so I'm hoping to put this league together. It is a 10 team, PPR league with 2 IDP Flex spots. It has custom scoring, but nothing outlandish or unusual. The draft is Friday (30th) @ 9PM EST. I don't care if you are experienced or a newcomer to fantasy football, I just want active owners. I prefer team names to be clean-cut (not vulgar), but I don't mind if it's a little bit questionable. If you are interested, you can email me (jnknelson@gmail.com) with any questions, or you can check out and join the league at http://victoryffl.league.fantasy.nfl.com
  5. The 2013 Cruel World Fantasy league live draft is TOMORROW -- Tuesday, Aug. 27 at 8:30 Eastern. We have two open slots in this 3rd-year 12 team league. Is one of them yours? Here is the info: $50 fee (LeagueSafe, due prior to draft) with 100% payout. Two divisions. High scoring with bonuses. Custom rosters. No weekly waivers. 2 IDPs plus a team defense. One-half point per reception. The 100% payout formula: $300 for the league champion, $150 for the runner up, $100 for 3rd place, $50 for 4th place. If you'd like to join -- and if you are able to pay the fee prior to the draft and willing to compete for the entire season -- then, go ahead and join in Yahoo! and I'll have the LeagueSafe info sent to you shortly. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/cruelworldfantasy password = dogjaw Questions? E-mail Chad at cruelshoe@gmail.com