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Found 15 results

  1. goatlocker1972

    Helpl on Keeper Function

    First time using this software. I went in and entered all the keepers and draft pick they lose for the keeper. Changed to no, then recompiled. If I look at keepers, they are all still there. But, when I look at rankings they still show up also. What am I missing?
  2. dsieman

    Help Me Pick Keepers

    I am in an eight person standard scoring league where we each keep four players. I know it's early to pick keepers because a lot can happen in the offseason, but I can trade whoever I'm not keeping to someone in need of a keeper. As the offseason goes on, the value of the players seems to go down when trying to trade them. Out of these five players, which four should I keep? Saquon Barkley - Definitely Keeping Alvin Kamara James Conner Deandre Hopkins Davante Adams I think it could be good to keep all three running backs and then Hopkins because running backs are harder to come by and they usually score more points. On the other hand, Hopkins and Adams could both be top three receivers next year so I think keeping them both could be good. Let me know what you think! Thanks


    12 TEAM, FULL POINT PPR KEEPING KAMARA rd 11, which other 2 to keep along with Kamara RB AARON JONES rd 9 D. FOREMAN rd 9 C. CARSON rd 9 BOOKER rd 9 MIXON rd 3 If both are rd 9, then 2nd moves up one rd to rd 8 Thanks in advance
  4. I'm in a dynasty league where we keep 3 players each year. I am keeping David Johnson and Julio Jones, and have to pick between Lesean McCoy and Melvin Gordon as my 3rd keeper (yes- my team was stacked and won last year). I prefer to McCoy to Gordon but he is turning 30 this year. Thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Are you up for the Challenge of the Fantasy Elite. This is a 12 team PPR- 2 Keeper league with bonuses. We are entering year 6 looking for one elite owner replacement. First Place wins $500, 2nd Place $250 and Many other prizes. $ 95 Buy in paid through League safe.. Very fun league with a good group of owners. Only dedicated and active owners need to inquire. Draft is 9/1. Send Inquires to tjsayinitplain@outlook.com
  6. Thoughts on his value next year after his horrible 2016? If Houston picks up Romo, will Hopkins reappear? That is, of course, until Romo gets hurt. I can keep three players and will try to trade the other 2 for draft pics. Any thoughts appreciated. Ezekiel Elliot DeAndre Hopkins Jordy Nelson AJ Green Sammy Watkins
  7. EasyBreesy

    Who to keep? Ivory or Watkins?

    Ivory in the 9th round or Watkins in the 6th round? Draft is on Thursday.
  8. SuperSteelers

    Bortles vs. Bridgewater

    Who do you like moving forward in Keeper league? I really thought Bridgewater played really well his first time, but Bortles has strung together a few good games here. Who do you like moving forward and why?
  9. jets1988

    Keeper Conundrum

    12 team PPR league and to keep 2 of the 3. Bernard (sixth round pick), newton (12th round pick), Crabtree (16th round pick). Bernard is a given based on his value but stuck between Newton and Crabtree. Initial thoughts are Newton since Manning, Stafford, Ryan, Luck, Romo, RGIII, Cutler and Wilson are all keepers for other teams. I pick 8th overall so Rogers and Brees will likely be gone as well before I pick. I like Crabtree's value although there are a lot of WR options on SF and they passed the least of any team last year. Newton lost WRs, ankle surgery, and has a terrible O-line so he could slip even further down the QB list and possibly outside top 10 this year. Any help?
  10. 12 Team PPR League needs 1 solid replacement owner to take over a Team. 2 Keeper Max and a $60 Buy in. Prizes- 1st Place- $280 2nd Place- $170.00 3rd Place - $90 Playoff Teams 4-6 - Win Buy in back ($60) We use League Safe, NFL.com League. Fun League looking for active owner that plays all year long. If your interested send me a email tjsayinitplain@outlook.com say you saw the post on FFT
  11. I'm in a 12 team PPR keeper league (keep 3 for your first 3 rounds of picks in the draft) and already have Jimmy Graham & Demaryius Thomas as my top 2 keepers but choosing between 3 RB's for the third. So who do you think will have a better season in PPR this year: Marshawn Lynch Montee Ball Ray Rice (also, it looks like I'll have the 10th pick in my draft if that makes a difference for who you would pick) I know its early June and many questions for these players are still yet to be answered but any and all feedback much appreciated.
  12. imay09

    Stacy, DeSean or EJ

    Way thinking ahead, but looking for some advice. Last year was my first season in a 2-player keeper league where salary is bumped at a percentage for over $1 and up to $1. I have Jimmy Graham who will be $3.85 with total $24 cap. I got lucky and swiped DeSean Jackson, Zac Stacy and EJ Manuel for all under a $1. I'm thinking I drop Jimmy and am leaning toward DeSean and Stacy but QB play is important in scoring. Got a lot of time to think about it, but any advice is welcomed. Thanks, iMay
  13. jeffster

    Keeper dilemma

    So I'm in a 12-team PPR league that allows up to two keepers, in exchange for the draft pick in the round you took them originally. Anyone drafted in round 10 or below, or picked up off free agency, costs your 10th round pick. Draft position is picked randomly 30 minutes before the draft, so no way to know if I'll be picking early or late in any given round. Here are my keeper choices, listed tentatively in my order of preference: Doug Martin - 4th round Jamaal Charles - 2nd round Brandon Marshall - 5th round Russell Wilson - 10th round Arian Foster - 1st round Martin for a 4th-round pick is a no-brainer, but after that I'm a little less sure. Charles will no doubt be a 1st rounder this year, so taking him for a 2nd is what I'm leaning toward. On the other hand, with this being a PPR league, Marshall puts up excellent numbers, especially relative to a 5th round pick. The last two are more long shots I think: Wilson would be a gamble, and taking Foster in exchange for my 1st round pick is sort of a wash. Unless I draw a really late 1st-round pick, but there's no way to tell. Anyone have any other thoughts on these options?
  14. Hey fellas!! new the forum and LOVE that there's a place online where I can geek out to FF with other enthusiast, haha!! So, I got little dilemma with my keepers this year. Not sure who I should keep in my 12 team PPR. Who would you take? Pick three: Marshawn Lynch Ray Rice Percy Harvin Julio Jones Jimmy Graham Hard decision! I'm leaning towards, Lynch, Rice and Graham but feel all can help me in a PPR. Thx!!
  15. PPAL, an auction league based in Philly, is looking for replacement for two founding owners. 14 teams, PPR, decimal scoring, $250 cap, $106 entry fee, 3 or 4 keepers (one must be a rookie from the previous year.) Auction is on Monday, August 19 at 6 PM at a bar on South Street in Philly. It's a fun, challenging league with a great bunch of guys who really know their stuff. If you're interested, PM me for a copy of the league rules and the vacant rosters. First new owner to commit will get their choice of which roster to take over. We use LeagueSafe for league finances.