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Found 10 results

  1. SF Forty Niners

    Championship weekend FU thread

    FU Fuller man the hell up FU Watson Man the hell up FU Hopkins Man the hell up FU to me for playing all 3
  2. Big Guy


    Sheesh WTF?.......I can't keep up
  3. josh wiley


    didn't know which board i should post this. anyone watching this game could see lynch wasn't doing squat and all of a sudden when there was some sort of fight/scrum/whatever he decides to run in from the sidelines to try to do something and hits the ref. he did that on purpose because richard was getting the work. by the way i have lynch and started him at flex. pathetic
  4. fatguylittlecoat

    Davante Adams

    If his ankle is not fully healed, why push it against KC last night ? It makes absolutely no sense, now he's on the shelf for 2 - 3 more weeks. He's killing me ! Need a replacement asap, most of the free agency cupboard is bare. Looking at Rishard Matthews or possibly Ty Montgomery but that's mostly 3 catches 50 yes and if god smiles upon me, a TD. Not good ! If anyone has any suggestions of replacements, I'm all ears.
  5. http://www.wndu.com/home/headlines/Apple-slices-served-at-Wa-Nee-schools-recalled-for-possible-listeria-contamination-302182561.html WTF is going on with these listeria outbreaks lately?? How nice. You child may have eaten some apple slices that can focking kill them, sorry about that. Also, I read this on another site about the listeria in the apples: They were distributed to IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, ND, OH, WI and WV. I also saw something about Subway restaurants might have been affected, just an FYI Glad my kid is not subjected to these focking "Lunches". In his school, he can still pick whatever the fock he wants to eat every single day. He eats pizza nearly every day. My sons school kicks ass like that.
  6. I have 4 teams, 2 doing well, 2 not so well. but it's early. Just not getting into it like I have for it seems like forever. I get online, check my leagues, check different sites, check updates. I don't know but it feels like something has changed. Too much work, too much info out there. Then again I just won $170 in FFBaseball so maybe things will change come crunch time. I used to live on these boreds. Now it is like 5 minutes and I'm off to youtube or FB. WTF.
  7. Stupid move Discovery. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/08/22/mythbusters-fan-favorites-tory-belleci-kari-byron-and-grant-imahara-axed-from/
  8. A reserve for Kansas State dunked in warm ups. It's a technical foul and the shooter went 1-2.
  9. AnaheimRams

    ESPN playoff seeding... ?

    We're through the bye week... so... can anybody explain to me why the #1 seed is playing the #4 seed... while the #2 seed is playing the #6 seed? First season on ESPN... really not impressed. /not commish
  10. josh wiley

    roddy white

    was listening to stephania bell on the fantasy focus podcast on friday and she was talking about how there is no concern whatsoever on the health of roddy white. she said he had been sitting out the last few preseason games for precautionary reasons. didn't get to see the game, but i see that he tallied two catches. now i'm reading that he had a high ankle sprain. do i just bench him now until he proves it in a game? what is the strategy that other owners are going to use? did the rest of you owners start him also? couple things i'm taking away. harry douglas might be worth a look for a bench spot and i'm not going to assume that what "medical expert" stepania bell says is correct.