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How can u help?

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I think I have a pretty solid team, but something keeps nagging at me to fix something.

What would you do for this team. Any suggestions welcome.


1. C. Portis

2. TO

3. J Lewis

4. TJ Houz

5. B Roth

6. L Coles

7. S. Young

8. P Crayton

9. Baltimore----was 10 th Def taken at this point

10. D Patten

11. J Hardy

12. L Betts

13. J Garcia

14. K Boss

15. D Bennett

16. J Hanson

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not knowing your scoring system it seems pretty solid.


I'm not as high on BRoth as a lot of people since I think his line took a lot of hits in the offseason and Garcia isn't anything special anymore. But other than that bit of minor criticism I think you got a solid squad.


I'm really drinking the Selvin Young Kool-Aid so I hope he goes off for you.


please respond to mine.



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