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Please email me at billy6679109@aol.com if you are interested.

ESPN Fantasy Football 12 Team Keeper League

This is a NEW keeper league. You get to keep up to 5 players each year that were not drafted in the first three rounds in the previous year. The round which you can keep a player advances by three draft spots each year. For example: If you were to draft a player in the 7th round and he remains on your roster the entire year or you make a trade and acquire his draft rights, you can draft him as your 4th pick the following year. So, the next year if you have that same player on your roster, you would lose three draft positions and the player can be drafted as your 1st pick. The point is to invest in your team from late round sleepers.

You can read all this after an invitation is sent from the ESPN site.


6 teams. Top 2 get a bye. We also have a loser bracket for the bottom 6 teams to win the $500 bucks back. This keeps everyone involved even if you are in last place.


$6000 Purse 12 Teams $500 buy in per Team
Playoff Winner: $2500
2nd Place Runner Up: $1000
Highest Points Year: $750 anyone can win this in addition to other payouts
Loser Bracket Playoff Winner (Bottom 6 teams have a playoff) $500
17 Weekly High Points: $75....total payout $975
Overall Most Points scored in one week: $275

NOTE: I am using a service called leaguesafe.com. You can send funds through a credit card or debit card. If you are concerned about your wife finding out about your shenanigans buy an American Express gift card with cash. This site also distributes payout prizes.


Also we have a limit on positions for your bench so teams don't hoard players. 2 QB, 2 K, 2 DEF, 2 TE, 5 RB, 5 WR....this makes it very difficult during the BYE weeks but it recycles players that are just being benched.


Snake draft....1 through 12 then order reverses. 17 rounds. To determine draft order teams will be randomly selected by a double blind system. One team will put all the teams in a random order. Another team will put the numbers 1 to 12 in a random order. They will email these random selections to the commissioner and the order will be determined. Fro example: Team order randomly selected: J-C-F-I-A-L-B-E-H-D-G-K…..and the random numbers….12-3-5-11-1-8-7-2-4-9-6-10….Team J picks 12th, Team C third, Team F picks fifth and so on.

The draft time live on ESPN will be determined by a consensus of the 12 teams.


There are no divisions. 12 teams all play each other randomly selected by ESPN website. The top 6 teams with the best record go into the winner playoff. The bottom 6 teams go into a loser playoff. The loser bracket was selected to keep the bottom 6 teams involved throughout the entire season. The best two teams in each playoff get a bye. The best team plays the worse and so on until the championship game. If there is a tie in record we go head to head. If by chance two teams have split wins, we go to point total to determine playoff order.


Last place team selects first from waiver wire each week and so on.


Adding and dropping players are handled by a waiver wire process. Transactions will lock five minutes before the first game on Sunday, Players whose teams play before Sunday will be locked for the remainder of the scoring period.


Lineup deadline is 5 minutes before game time for each player.


The waiver process runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 1 day.


All trades must be submitted to and approved by the commissioner.


No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 pm 11/27/14


If your trade is not approved by the commissioner, you can appeal. Both parties make the trade details public and must get 4 other teams to vote yes and the trade is approved. If it is a three-team trade you still need 4 other teams besides the three involved.


When a player is traded that player carries his draft eligibility and his "keeper" status to his new team. However once a player is dropped his "keeper" status is gone forever. So if he is picked up on the waiver wire and finishes the year on your roster you can not make him a keeper.

Please email me at billy6679109@aol.com if you are interested.


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