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4 spots needed for new keeper league

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I have a new 12 team league(8/12 spots already taken) forming that is touchdown based as far as scoring goes. This is a league that I used to be in that dissolved a few years ago, but I would like to bring it back to life. It is a little unconventional compared to normal leagues.
The scoring system is basically this:
>Non-decimal scoring - 1pt for 25yds rushing/receiving, 50yds passing
>TDs rule scoring -
-----------------QBs - 3pts passing TD, 6pts rush/catch TD
-----------------RBs - 6pts rush TD, 12pts pass/catch TD
-----------------WRs - 6pts catch TD, 12pts rush/pass TD
-----------------TEs - 8pts catch TD, 16pts rush/pass TD
-----------------Punt/Kick Return TDs = 12pts
-----------------DEF - 10pts for shutout, 5pts for holding to 5 or less, 5pts for safety, 12pts for ANY defensive/punt/kick return TD
-----------------K - 1pt per XP, 3pts FG <39yds, 5pts FG <49yds, 8pts FG <59, 10pts FG >60yds, pass/catch/rush TD = 12pts
The league only costs $10 through LeagueSafe.
The auction draft will take place on MFL(better auction interface) but the league will be run on FleaFlicker since the entry fee is only $10.
Each year we will have 2 and only 2 free keepers.
Initial year will have $250 in auction funds and every year after will be $200 + where you finished in overall points (an additional $1-$12)
Each year will have a 1 round rookie draft based on where you finished the previous season.
This is an Overall Points based league as well, but will have a head to head aspect included.
Payouts are as follows: $60 - 1st overall points
$30 - 2nd overall points
$10 - 3rd overall points
$20 - Winner of Super Bowl using head to head schedule
Any questions or if you want an invite, send emails to Joonyer24@hotmail.com


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