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Big Dog Draftmaster Openings (2)

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I am personally running 10 Draftmaster leagues (best ball, set it and forget it drafts).

The cool thing about these DMs is you can join 1 or more leagues throughout this off season. Start times will be staggered throughout the up coming months.

I have commished for 12 years. I wanted to find something unique yet familiar in the Draftmaster community.

See the rules on this temp site (that will be updated to a working site once MFL updates leagues for 2016)

Fee is $15 (affordable) with a chance to win in your individual league (1st and 2nd place) as well as the end of the year progressive pot ($350). Once you win your league you have a 1 in 10 chance to win the Progressive Pot!

If you are interested but not interested today you can always sign up for one the DMs starting later in the year. Let me know if you are interested.

PM or post here please. There will be a timer on each league of 10 hrs. The timer will not shut off. Looking for committed owners, not speed drafters, but those who are willing to keep a nice pace.


Big Dog Draftmaster 1 Starts in mid February ---2 spots remaining

Bid Dog Draftmaster 2 Starts March (early) ---2 spots remaining

Bid Dog Draftmaster 3 Starts April 1st --- 3 spots remaining

Bid Dog Draftmaster 4 Starts April (mid month) --- 3 spots remaining

Bid Dog Draftmaster 5 Starts June (first week) --- 2 spots remaining

Bid Dog Draftmaster 6 Starts June (mid month) ---2 spots remaining

Bid Dog Draftmaster 7 Starts July (mid month) ---3 spots remaining


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