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IDP- RWTC- Opportunity- Redraft

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If you have wanted to try an IDP league without the dynasty long commitment you should try Roster Wars Training Camp. It is an inexpensive way to prepare yourself for a longer term commitment IDP league if that might be your goal. Roster Wars has a dynasty component of 24 teams and last year we expanded and started a 24 team REDRAFT league called RW - Training Camp. Our goal is to grow this past 24 teams this year for the redraft, but would be happy to remain at 24 too.

We have our own forum which is second to none. We have posting REQUIREMENTS for the dynasty teams, which keep that message forum active all year round. The redraft (RWTC) side does not have posting requirements so you can be as active or quiet as you like. We love the added forum participation and the brotherhood/family feel of our forum is a nice bonus.

If you would like to be part of this experience check us out, you have nothing to lose. Even if you do not decide to play you can always remain a part of our forum.

Last years site:

Gray teams are RW Redraft team members only. Colored mini banners are owners in the dynasty and redraft both.

LEAGUE FEE: $25 (very affordable) 100% payouts - Agent/Eternals our commish keeps nothing.

PM me, post in this thread, or head over to our forum and sign up at ---


Hope to you there!


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