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(4) Spots left / 65$ Buy in / 12-Team / 2 Flex / Redraft ESPN / PPR / Leaguesafe

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The draft will be held Sunday August 21 at 15:00 EST

Draft date and time are set in stone.

Here are the settings of the league:


The 4 division winners and the team with most season points are in the money :

1st Place 300$

2nd Place 175$

3rd Place 140$

4th Place 100$

Most Point 65$

This league is different in the sense that it has 4 divisions of 3 teams. You play your division twice and the rest of the league once.

Basically you have balanced schedule in within your division, and you must win it to make the playoffs.

We'll try it like this for the first year, and put the division format to a vote the second year.

Email at pgingras65@hotmail.com if interested.




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