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EMPIRE Dynasty League Startup - SF/ TE Premium - .5 RB/ 1 Wr/ 1.5 TE (Jackpot League)

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Im the commish of 5 top notch leagues and Im looking to add one more this year. This will be the ONLY Empire Superflex Dynasty league I start this year so now is your chance to join.


An Empire Dynasty League is a league where a portion the yearly fee goes into an Empire Pot where the owner that wins the league two years in a row gets the entire pot (Plus 1st place winnings) and the league is over! Last year our league was finally won after 5 years with the winner taking the Empire Pot of $6,700 on just a yearly entry of $200. Of course everybody that was in that league is back again for another try but Im starting a 2nd league cuz it was just so challenging and fun.


If you win it all in year 5 in this startup your payout is $5,400! After 10 Years payout would be 10,200! Best return in fantasy football!


Do you draft all Vets and go for it all the 1st two years and hope it pans out or draft those rookies and plan to win it all year two or threeor maybe something in the middle? There is no real written strategy on these leagues so its up to you how you plan your gameand with Superflex and 2TEs we are really in uncharted territory! Were writing the books on how this type of game is shaped for the future. Join us on a true fantasy football challenge.


One important rule in this empire league is that the yearly winner CANNOT trade after week 4 of the regular season. This rule is to give the winner a chance to compete if a player goes down in the 1st four weeks while simultaneously eliminating any chance of collusion.


12 Dynasty Teams 3 divisions w/ 4 teams each

.5 PPR RB/ 1 Pt PPR WR/ 1.5 PPR TE/ Superflex

Roster would be: 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2TE, 2 Flex, 1 Superflex (QB/ RB/ WR/ TE)

Total Roster Size is 33 (27 active players + 6 Taxi Squad + 3 IR spots)


$206 Yearly Buy-in

60% to yearly winner/ 40% to pot

Each year $960 will be added to the empire pot!

$6 MFL Fee.


Yearly Winner Payouts

1st - $600

2nd - $315

3rd - $200

Highest point total of each week - $25 (Thru week 13)

Winners will be paid after 1/1 with 51% vote via LeagueSafe


If you win it all in year 5 your payout is $5,400!

After 10 Years payout would be over $10,000!


Drafting order will be determined by random MFL calculator and emailed to each member. We will then run Kentucky Style Derby of picking spots. For example: If you are randomly given the 1.01 you can either keep that spot or chose any of the spots 1.01 thru 1.12. Then the owner of the second pick can choose any of the remaining drafting spots. This order will continue until all 12 drafting spots are chosen.


Vets and rookie picks (1.01 thru 4.12) will be incorporated into the draft. For example: with the 1.07 in the inaugural draft you can either choose Odell Beckham or the 1.01 rookie pick. Hereby, all draft picks are essentially equal. The rookie draft after the inaugural vet draft will determine exactly who you choose with your rookie picks (1.01 thru 4.12).


All drafts in this league will be 8 hour slow drafts with a rest between 1am and 8am EST


Check out the complete information below:


Bylaws: http://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2018/mb/topic_show.pl?bid=201857685&tid=5220558


Any Questions? Let me know!


- Spenser -

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