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Chaos League

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You basically pick 2 weeks you want to play any player.  Once you have they no longer can enter your lineups.  Full rules below with link:


20 Teams (you may own only 1 team)

Regular season will be 13 weeks


Each team will have access to all players in MFL database

This league does not have a draft

Teams submit a weekly lineup of (8) players

Starting Lineup:  (1) Quarterback, (1) Running Backs, (1) Wide Receivers, (1) Tight End, (4)Flex

2QBs max rest RB, WR, or TE qualify as the Flex

NFL players can be started twice per season, per team as allowed.

Standings will be overall win % (wins vs loss records)

Tiebreaker to determine playoff seedings:

Total Points (first tie breaker)

Highest scoring QB from final week of the season (2nd tie breaker)

Highest scoring RB from final week of the season (3rd tie breaker)

Highest scoring WR from final week of the season (4th tie breaker)


Begin week 14 and last for 3 weeks

Top 6 teams will be in the championship bracket. 

Top two teams will earn a bye

S3 vs. S6 and S4 vs. S5

Reseeding will occur after each round of the playoffs highest vs. lowest

Next 6 will be in the consolation bracket - teams will be seeded once no reseeding

League scoring and rules under Reports, Rules, League scoring 

No trading

If teams tie in a playoff matchup, tiebreaker will be highest individual scoring player. Tiebreaker continues until tie is broke


Dues/Payouts:   Leaguesafe $35 yearly MFL Fees $60

Top 2 Teams $25 Ea.

1st $300

2nd $150

3rd $50

CBowl Winner $40

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