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Multiple league openings

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All are PPR


ESPN openings in 2 leagues


12 team. entry is $75   payouts-1st-$525/2nd-$240/ 3rd-$75/ 3 division winners $20 each    Draft-8-23 @7:45 PM EST


12 team entry- $35      payouts-1st- $250/ 2nd-$125/  3rd-$45                                                Draft- 8-30 @7:45 EST


NFL.COM openings in 2 leagues.


12 team  entry is $50    payouts- 1st- $400/ 2nd-$175/ 3rd- $100/  most points reg. season $25   Draft- 8-16@ 8:00 pm est


14 team entry- $25       payouts- 1st- $175/ 2nd-$100/ 3rd- $25                                                 Draft- 8-9 @7:30 EST

If your interested in any of these leagues email me at tramz18@aol.com And please put Fantasy Football in the subject line.

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