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Devy startup

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Devy/Dynasty hosted on MFL

12 team Snake Draft

25 man active rosters

10 man taxi for devy and 1st/2nd year players. Once promoted cannot be demoted back

1-2 qbs, 1-7 rbs, 1-7 wrs, 2-7tes (11 starters)

Groupme for lg chat

$60 per year with a one time pay ahead to limit the riff raff 🤪 ($120 initially) leaguesafe

6pt td pass/Tiered ppr - Rb 0.5, Wr 1.0, TE 1.5

Theme and graphics for the site

Although experienced owners are preferred Please do not share with me in the email/dm about your devy/dynasty experience. I feel this gives me an advantage in future trade negotiations. Feel free to share with the whole group though haha

Dm on this site or email BBrinksFFacc@gmail.com if you’re interested in checking the bylaws

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