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I've got a Keeper (up to 3). League's been active for at least 10 yrs on RTSports. $1000 top-prize (LeagueSafe), and I've been told by several owners that this is the best league they play in. Quality guys. Sadly, I had 2 owners retiring after 4-5 seasons to focus on Dynasty. Fortunately, I've already filled 1 spot.


This is not SF / Dynasty / Premium Position scoring. We play 25-game season (division teams 3x each / outside division 2x each). Basically everybody plays a single game week 1 and 2 games weeks 2-13.

Open team drafts 5 . Potential keepers include  (Draft 5) - Mahomes, Kelce, DeAndre Swift....Snake Draft

FYI - owners are currently voting to move from Team DST to 3 IDP (1 DL / 1 LB / 1DB). Other thing to note is that owners forfeit pick in round of kept player (i.e. Mahomes is ranked #6 overall in our league. If you keep him, he becomes your 1st round pick (Round 1 = players ranked 1-12 / Round 2 = players ranked 13-24 / etc.). And you can only keep 1 player per round (i.e. Kamara & D Adams are both on your team. They're ranked  #10 & 11 overall, giving them both Round 1 value. You can only keep 1).

Guest URL:https://www.rtsports.com/fantasy-football-league/61396


Buy-in = $110. Top prize = $1K (Leaguesafe) paid out 1st day funds are available for distribution. If you're interested PM me or shoot me an email - XPatriate@live.com.


Thanks. -Jim

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