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We’re going into our seventh season of our redraft Yahoo 10 team league and are looking to recruit a couple of new managers that want to play seasoned managers that know the game and play tough the whole season. If you love fantasy football, really love fantasy football... we play 16 weeks, last two weeks are playoffs. QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, K, DEF, DT, LB, DB and 5 player bench. Having a short bench really makes the league super competitive. This is a well managed, competitive, fun, free league where the only cost is sweat and tears. We chat throughout the year using Discord chat and do a group Skype meetup about once a month during the NFL season. Must have at least one year verifiable season experience and want to partake in the social aspect of the league through Discord chat and Skype. 

Please DON"T apply if any of these apply to you :

- Don't want to take the time to learn the league rules cause "I get it bruh".
- Want to play in a bubble because you detest human interaction unless it's through your game console.
- Enjoy winning leagues that anonymous people sign up for but actually never play in.
- You'll be the guy who goes on a six week losing streak, only to email me saying that you just got a new job, new girlfriend and you're really not that into Fantasy football anymore.
- Believe that because it's a free league that it ain't worth nuthin'

Please DO apply if you :

- Are up for a challenge - most of our league managers have between five to twenty years experience. They all play tough and have mad skills. Most of them also run their own leagues ( dynasty, family, etc.) 
- Are looking for a free well managed league, that you can vest time in not just this year but for years to come.

Apply to join       https://tucsonffl.wordpress.com

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