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A few openings left! They wont last long!

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Ok folks here's what we have. The payment deadline is wednesday and we have 16 unpaid owners across 7 leagues. I will make these positions available to current players as soon as we have passed the payment deadline. . And we may have a couple of openings in our keeper league which we have had only 2 openings and we are going into our 4th season.
I will post the leagues with openings with entry fee and payouts below. All leagues are PPR and use 1 flex position RB/WR/TE 6 teams in each league will make the playoffs. It will go as follows for example here is the first league with openings:
DS(Dirty South) (3 openings) first amount to the right will be entry fee $40 followed by payouts > 1st-$350/2nd-$170/3rd-$40
HM (2) $45> 1ST-$400/2ND-$185/3RD-$45
RZ (1) $40> 1st-$290/2nd-$140/3rd-$50
CT (2) $50>1st-$375/2nd-$200/3rd-$25
ST (3) $60>1st-$500/2nd-$250/3rd-$60/ most points reg.season $30
WW (2) $75>1st-$515/2nd-$250/3rd-$75/ 3 division winners $20 each
FF (3) Keeper League $35> 1st-$300/2nd-$155/3rd-$35
If you want a spot in any of these leagues if they become open after the payment deadline,please respond back via email and i will put you on the wait list in the order i receive your email. Email me at tramz18@aol.com and PLEASE put fantasy football in the subject line and tell me specifically which leagues yo want in using the 2 letter abbreviation associated with each league.

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