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681 of the Best Dynasty Orphans,On Sale 10:00 am ET Sunday

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One of the Biggest Events in Dynasty Football happens this Sunday starting at 10:00 AM. Mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com will hold the 14th annual "Great Orphaning". We will post 681 Orphans.. These orphans are fresh and this will be the first opportunity to buy them. Last year we sold 430 of them in one day. These orphans will all be in excellent condition and in fact this may be our best crop of Orphans ever. I know 681sounds like alot of Orphans, it actually isnt, we had a renewal rate of over 90% but when you start out with 8560 franchises there are going to be alot of Orphans. We will start selling Tin $41 orphans at 10:00 am, Coppers $68 at 11:00 am and Bronze $121, Silver $285 and Gold $560 at Noon, all times ET.

All of the Orphans are 1/2 the price of a fresh team, because no depsoit is required.

To give you an idea of how strong these teams are, there will be 23 Justin Jefferson Teams, 26 Jamarr Chase, 37 JT and 43 Patrick Mahomes, 196 of the teams will have multiple 1st rd picks. Every Orphan Posted will have multiple foundational pieces

The Teams will begin posting at exactly 10:00 am ET Sunday June 25th, if you do not see them please refresh your screen.

Orphans - https://www.mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/orphan_teams.php

Complete Details on "The Great Orphaning" - https://www.mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/the_great_orphaning.php

If you have a group of friends (2 to 6) and are looking for a league where you can all fit in, please dm me and give me an idea of dollar aount on type of league and we can almost always accomodate you.

We have over 700 dynasty leagues and our renewal rate every year is around 90% which means we have alot of Orphans. We have never folded a league and we have multiple leagues that go all the way back to the early 2000's (we bought a group of leagues about a decade ago which started in 2000 and they all still exist). Our average league is 7 years old. You can build a dynasty team with confidence that the league isnt going anywhere, and most of the teams we posted today are really strong.

Orphans - https://www.mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/orphan_teams.php

Details on "The Great Orphaning" - https://www.mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/the_great_orphaning.php

Home page/Fresh Leagues - https://www.mastersfantasyfootballleagues.com/index.php

All Master’s Leagues are 12 team, H2H, PPR with blind bidding for waivers

Masters uses Leaguesafe to hold prize money.

Questions? Please email us at masters@mastersfantasyleagues.com. We will do all we can to exceed your expectations!

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