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6/28/2023 Amendment: No more than $20 future auction dollars can be exchanged between two managers in any 30 days.  The period starts at the initial trade completion date.

Commish Note: Due to the extenuating circumstances stemming from the multiple $20 dollar trades in one day between The Usual Suspects & Authentic Northwest we have decided to veto the trades that were put out there and amend the league rules.  The managers have been asked to rework the deal to one single trade within the rules. The original rule was to not have extreme trades in the sense that two managers are trading their whole budget in one swing to another manager for studs. I believe it hurts the integrity of the league.  However, I did not think about this many managers brought it to my attention and after several hours of diagnosing the problem this is what we came up with.  If you feel this is unjust please speak up but I think we all can agree this rule deserved some attention. In all seriousness, I had a similar deal in place with slightly less cash so this concept was not rocket science by any means but knowing the potential going forward we had to do something.  

-Washington Generals  

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