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Its Orphan Week at Masters, Orphans 1/2 the price of a fresh team

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Ok to be fair Orphans are always 1/2 the price of a fresh league because no deposit is required on an Orphan. The deposit was paid by the original owner!!!

We have posted our 4th Group of orphans for the 2024 season and its a doozy, these are all nice teams. If a team has a lottery pick, that means that the pick will be one of the 1st 6 picks in the rookie draft. In order to prevent tanking at the end of the season to improve draft position Masters uses a lottery system to establish the draft order for the 6 non playoff teams. We will start holding the lotteries this weekend and post them on our facebook Page. Trading is in full swing in all of our dynasty leagues.

In short now is a perfect buying opportunity to get a new team

Masters currently has  over 800 dynasty leagues, 9000 individual franchises and has never folded a Dynasty league, Many of our dynasty leagues are now over a decade old in fact we have 2 Dynasty Leagues that go back to 1999.

Our fresh leagues will start shortly after the Superbowl and Both our 1st Bronze ($258) and Tin ($92) are over 1/2 full. We also run Dynasty Auction Drafts in Our Copper Division. ($145). The Auction draft will start after the NFL draft. On the Super Early Drafts (Bronze and Tin) we run a split draft we start with a veteran draft as soon as the league fills followed by a 4 rd rookie draft after the NFL draft has completed, the rookie draft is in reverse order of the veteran draft.

You can follow this link  to view our available orphans

You can follow this link  for our complete dynasty  rules and schedule.


** All Masters Standard Dynasty Leagues require a deposit equal to your 1st year entry fee. Please do not join if you are not 100% committed. We only want 100% committed owners in our Dynasty leagues and that is exactly what we have. Last year our renewal rate was over 92%.

Live Draft Rules and Schedule
Dynasty League's Rules and Schedule

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