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White/w Red Stripes 69 Roadrunner

05 October 2016 - 02:49 AM

4 speed

original 383 done .40 over/ about 50k miles ago

post car

3.23 sure grip


the question is how rare is a red white and blue roadrunner???


the car is rated a 2/5, complete and has been sitting for 15 years in arizona.


i was just about to sell it and noticed that white roadrunners in any year were absent from any selling sites.

 and the craptastic ones are $5-8k that are in the same shape as mine.



 anybody know a more up to date on mopars than i am???

 i stopped collecting in the late 90s but red white and blue outta be worth a bit more?


 the 2nd owner(I'm the 3rd) painted the car yellow with black and thats how it sits minus a fender replaced from an accident.



 please and thank you.