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  1. Where’s @edjr when you need him?
  2. iam90sbaby

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

    Exactly. I can’t stand that people are waiting on the sidelines for this unicorn dem to appear when we have a president legitimately trying to help America. Dems showed who they were, I don’t know wtf people are waiting for.
  3. iam90sbaby

    Leftists next target, books...

    Good thing once we are the minority we can count on the democrats to protect us! Or we could start encouraging Caucasian’s to have bigger families. Start taking immigrants from Caucasian countries again (in mass if you have to, whatever it takes to change the trajectory). Eastern Europe has thousands and thousands of young programmers that would LOVE to live here. They are bright but they can’t get ahead in the economies/governments they live under. Why are we importing retards who have no skills and refuse to learn English when there is a plethora of young tech minds who would immediately contribute once they moved here.
  4. iam90sbaby

    Leftists next target, books...

    Have you all ever seen the USA population by race over a timeline? Pretty scary stuff. I think we are suppose to be the minority by 2040 or 2050. RIP America, it was a hell of a run.
  5. iam90sbaby

    Facebook bans far right, deemd "hate spreaders".

    Haven’t had a FB for about six months. If you still have a Facebook after all these security issues, clearly being biased when it comes to politics you’re a tard. Fock the Zuck
  6. iam90sbaby

    Dr. Blasey Ford CIA Deep State Asset

    10/10 meme https://i.postimg.cc/4N9BSRw3/B01-CA24-B-8-BA2-406-F-9-CEC-F0-DF62593-ADD.jpg
  7. iam90sbaby

    Crowder, ingenious.....

    He always says he was raised in Canada, assumed he was born there
  8. iam90sbaby

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

  9. iam90sbaby

    Crowder, ingenious.....

    To bad he’s Canadian. Otherwise Crowder for Prez
  10. You might want to consider dropping Fox too, since that liberal commie took over. It’s why Donna Brazille works there now. Fock Fox
  11. iam90sbaby

    OldMaid's 4 Game Winning Streak Comes to an End!

    Do you guys take the over or under on sderk hasn’t been laid in over a year? I’ll go with the over
  12. Eh, all the Christians I’ve met are great people and they don’t walk around with dumb headgear all day and starve themselves certain times of the year in the name of their god, now that’s dumb. Do you really sympathize with these people? Or just a little trolling for the lulz?
  13. iam90sbaby

    Some People Did Something

    Omar Durka Durka blames westerners for rise in Islamic terrorism 12:00-15:00
  14. Pro tip: if you believe in the Quran, you have a mental illness