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  1. Blacks commit a far higher rate of crime literally everywhere in the world and it has nothing to do with the DNC. C'mon man. You should read a book on Eugenics
  2. Who commits 50% of violent crime despite being 13% of the population?
  3. Nah dude, Liberal Whites can have the blacks and the muslims and everyone else can live in harmony. Blacks and mass POC immigration is the root of all our problems, not liberal Whites lol.
  4. The 1965 immigration act is ground zero for the end of this country. These dirty ass Muslims gotta go. You aren't my fellow countrymen and I resent you being here. Please leave.
  5. iam90sbaby

    I find it hard to not see trans as mental illness...

    Trans: when being a fagg0t doesn't give you attention you crave anymore
  6. iam90sbaby

    I find it hard to not see trans as mental illness...

    We should give them electro shock therapy again, I don't think it works I just think it'd be funny
  7. Sex change operations shouldn't be performed in the US. Gays shouldn't be able to adopt. Crossdressers should get publicity scolded again. LGBT community is whack.
  8. iam90sbaby


    Tom MacDonald makes me cringe.
  9. iam90sbaby

    Make a Prediction

    The current version of the US Dollar will crash before the end of the decade.
  10. iam90sbaby

    Whose culture is this crime a part of?

    Why do blacks always go for the head kick when someone is down?
  11. iam90sbaby


    100% of the people that still say Crypto is a scam are just salty they missed out on the easiest money they could've made in their life. They just don't want to accept that they focked up.
  12. iam90sbaby


    Coinbase just released Visa cards a few days ago. Apple Pay and Google Pay are about to start accepting crypto. It's happening man.
  13. iam90sbaby

    Do we live in a simulation?

    If we do this I want in and I got dibs on Norway.