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  1. iam90sbaby

    Dr. Blasey Ford CIA Deep State Asset

    10/10 meme https://i.postimg.cc/4N9BSRw3/B01-CA24-B-8-BA2-406-F-9-CEC-F0-DF62593-ADD.jpg
  2. iam90sbaby

    Crowder, ingenious.....

    He always says he was raised in Canada, assumed he was born there
  3. iam90sbaby

    Buttigieg eliminates O'Rourke

  4. iam90sbaby

    Crowder, ingenious.....

    To bad he’s Canadian. Otherwise Crowder for Prez
  5. You might want to consider dropping Fox too, since that liberal commie took over. It’s why Donna Brazille works there now. Fock Fox
  6. iam90sbaby

    OldMaid's 4 Game Winning Streak Comes to an End!

    Do you guys take the over or under on sderk hasn’t been laid in over a year? I’ll go with the over
  7. Eh, all the Christians I’ve met are great people and they don’t walk around with dumb headgear all day and starve themselves certain times of the year in the name of their god, now that’s dumb. Do you really sympathize with these people? Or just a little trolling for the lulz?
  8. iam90sbaby

    Some People Did Something

    Omar Durka Durka blames westerners for rise in Islamic terrorism 12:00-15:00
  9. Pro tip: if you believe in the Quran, you have a mental illness
  10. iam90sbaby

    Radical idea for Notre Dame

  11. iam90sbaby

    Radical idea for Notre Dame

    Taqiya In Islam, Taqiya or Taqiyya (Arabic: تقیة‎ taqiyyah, literally "prudence, fear")[1][2] is a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution.[1][3][4][5] Another term for this concept, kitmān (lit. "action of covering, dissimulation"), has a more specific meaning of dissimulation by silence or omission.[6][7] This practice is emphasized in Shia Islamwhereby adherents are permitted to conceal their religion when under threat of persecutionor compulsion.[3][8] However, it is also permitted in Sunni Islam under certain circumstances.[9] Taqiyya was initially practiced under duress by some of Muhammad's Companions.[10] Later, it became particularly important for Shias due to their experience as a persecuted religious minority.[8][11] According to Shia doctrine, taqiyya is permissible in situations where there is overwhelming danger of loss of life or property and where no danger to religion would occur thereby.[8] Taqiyya has also been politically legitimised, particularly among Twelver Shias, in order to maintain unity among Muslims and fraternity among the Shia clerics.[12][13] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taqiya
  12. iam90sbaby

    OldMaid's 4 Game Winning Streak Comes to an End!

    Unanimously, yes.
  13. iam90sbaby

    OldMaid's 4 Game Winning Streak Comes to an End!

    My guess is 19-21 year old and he was on an alcoholic binge last night.
  14. iam90sbaby

    OldMaid's 4 Game Winning Streak Comes to an End!

    I thought I saw a few with multiple likes but it was late. I almost screenshot the thread because I had a feeling it wouldn’t be there in the morning
  15. iam90sbaby

    Would you notice if you were being followed/tailed?

    Couple days? Probably not. Over a week I might start to notice.