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#5948758 I spent Saturday night in jail

Posted by ToadSprocket on 05 June 2017 - 09:56 AM

It was my fault.  I lost my temper.


My wife's friend Cindy was visiting us.  I had been mowing the grass when my wife called out to me that dinner was ready.  By the time I had finished mowing, both of them had already eaten. 

So I sit down to eat and Cindy says aloud that her husband always eats when she does.  Then I hear her say that her husband always wears a tie at the dinner table.  A few other things I didn't hear.

Then she has the audacity to say to my wife but within my earshot that I smell bad.


So I got up and poured my chicken alfredo over her head.


Showered really quickly and waited for the cops because I knew she would call them.

The cops understood the situation and actually gave me a chance to avoid being taken in custody by saying it was an accident.  I didn't.  I said I did it on purpose.


And off to jail I went.







#5927044 I have 2 choices -- UPDATE: my how things change

Posted by ToadSprocket on 02 May 2017 - 12:30 PM

DAMN. :shocking:


Focking somebody on the side is sometimes forgivable.. When said somebody is your wife's little sister - that's an atom bomb, no recovering from that... I'd pick #2 and move on.


It backfired on both of them.  My wife wanted her sister to flirt with me to see how far I'd go.  Problem: we both got drunk and did it.

I'm sorry.  I was wrong.  But ......

#5927039 I have 2 choices -- UPDATE: my how things change

Posted by ToadSprocket on 02 May 2017 - 12:21 PM


Who sleeps where?  What do the kids think of this "arrangement"?  Doesn't seem like a situation I'd like to be in.  Why not just get divorced, sell the house, and start living your lives?


I don't want to ... and my kids want me around.  My wife just wanted to be in control.  We still been doing the nasty which is one major reason the Judge chucked this.  He said you can't litigate by day and fornicate by night (in the same house).

#5876343 Do you support deportation of illegal immigrants? Sho Nuff?

Posted by ToadSprocket on 11 February 2017 - 09:44 AM

I think they should deport them.  In fact,  that is one of the main reasons I believe Trump won.


I have always thought and stated here many times as well if a candidate running for POTUS ran on deporting illegals,  that person would win the election because this is one issue many on both sides have a huge problem with.


They are not only taking jobs from American citizens,  they are the biggest reason for stagnant wages.   One of the biggest myth out there is the illegals are doing jobs American citizens do not want to do.  The truth is they are only doing jobs Americans don't want to do for the low wages the employer wanted to pay.   When the government would do a raid at a place of employment that was employing many illegals,  the very next day,  there would be lines for applications from actual citizens that in fact did want that job.  Often times,  the employer would run out of applications so many people wanted those jobs.


Another huge problem is how these illegals literally take billions out of our economy by sending money back to Mexico for their families.  Many of these illegals can come up here,  get on government assistance,  and then work under the table for cash and turn around and wire that money back to their families in Mexico.   Billions.


Diseases is another one.   We have seen some diseases we basically had eradicated through vaccines show back up from time to time because these people are not being checked for diseases or vaccinated since they just walk across the border.


College.   Every time an illegal alien gets into a college here in the USA is one less actual American citizen does not get his/her college education. 


It is an outrage when anyone is raped or murdered,  especially by an illegal alien.   They should not even be here and to think American lives are ruined when it could have been prevented by simply enforcing current law is over the top outrageous.   How many times have we heard someone say "If it saves just one life,  it would have been worth it" when it comes to some gun control.   Same should apply here.   


I could go on and on,  but I will stop now.   This is one issue that brings together many reasonable people on both sides of the isle.


As a social left leaning but fiscal conservative Independent, I do agree with the points that you make.

But this has been going on for 25 years or more.  Through both political parties' administrations.  And NOTHING gets done.

Whomever is really running our Country (maybe Freemasons) is keeping things status quo.


I've been in the Construction industry since the 1990s.  Back in the day when I would travel to homes being built, to work up HVAC bidding pricing, if there were 10 workers or so on site, maybe one MAYBE would be a non English speaking Latino and there'd be a bilingual translater to help him.

Honestly now out of 10 workers, all but one speak no English at all.  The Builders pine about needing them at lower wages to make a profit.  Actually it's to make MORE of a profit.


So, to me, the easiest way to confront this issue of illegal aliens is to go after the Contractors.  BUT they haven't .. and I think that's how the REAL leaders of the world want it (foe reasons unknown to me).

#5657115 last night People vs OJ .. Ito's wife LIED about knowing Fuhrman

Posted by ToadSprocket on 30 March 2016 - 11:50 AM

I remember 20 years ago watching some but certainly not all things OJ trial.  I was reminded watching last night's episode that LA Police Chief Peggy York Ito lied when questioned about her connection with Mark Fuhrman.  She said she never met him and knew nothing about him when in reality she had a meeting with him concerning disciplinary reasons.

She did this so her husband could be appointed OJ trial Judge.

Should have been a mistrial and in my opinion, punishment for her.

Why neither?

#5655664 Elton John turns 69 today......Post a song you like by EJ

Posted by ToadSprocket on 26 March 2016 - 07:52 PM

Hold me closer Tony Danza



But seriously, this song about John Lennon may be his best since Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


#5619456 RIP Glenn Frey

Posted by ToadSprocket on 18 January 2016 - 08:48 PM

I look for Henley to ask Felder back and blame the whole misunderstanding on Frey.

#5599461 How can we stop illegals aliens and terrorists from getting intonthe US?

Posted by ToadSprocket on 11 December 2015 - 03:48 PM

I don't know the answer but the powers that be are obviously not serious about stopping illegal aliens from coming in and staying.

We've heard that all the illegals want is to do jobs that we legal Americans don't want to do.  I find that absolutely not true.

I work in the construction industry and when I used to visit job sites to work up bids, I almost never encountered non English speaking workers.  As time went by there were more and more and more of that.  Now, there'll be 8 or so workers and only one will speak English.  Yes, the illegals will work for less money which will enable the Builder/Contractor to pocket more $$ for themselves.  I find they could care less about illegals in this country.  I always thought going after those that hire and pay workers without proof of their citizenship would cure most of it.  As it is, that doesn't happen and the unemployment rate harms those of us who are legal.

Legal aliens = fine.  Illegal aliens = not so much.

But I'm sure ultra liberals will argue differently.   :dunno:

#5414594 Do you drink (alcohol) every day / what time do you start?

Posted by ToadSprocket on 08 February 2015 - 12:27 PM

I'm just wondering about Geek alcohol cosumption.   

Me = I try not to drink every day.  Probably 5 days a week on average.  And unless it's a special day or sporting event, I try not to start before 6 PM.  Then I TRY to quit an hour before bedtime which is usually midnight.


The reason I ask is we're going on vacation in a few days.  And I've been watching webcams of some of our destinations.  People in those bars are drinking as early as 9-10 AM.  I'm pretty sure I've almost never drank alcohol that early.  Shiit, I'd be drunk by afternoon and sleep the day away.



#5271780 Back back back - HOME RUN

Posted by ToadSprocket on 21 July 2014 - 08:51 PM

My oldest Son is in his 2nd year of Pony League baseball.  My 2nd oldest Son would have been in his last year of Little League but he asked to play in the Pony League a yaer early and I let him.  He's definitely the smallest of the group.  He's never started a game but gets an inning or 2 most games.

His team has 14 on the roster and usually at least 12 show up for every game.

Tonight only 9 showed up and my boy started and played the entire game.

In the 5th inning of a tie game he hit one OVER the 275' left field fence.  Only one other player has gone yard and now my 12 year old has done it.


###### I'm a proud papa

#5205247 lets find geezil an appropriate avater

Posted by ToadSprocket on 03 March 2014 - 05:42 PM

Just as soon as we find you a spell check.