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In Topic: U.S. 'turning the tide' on the opioid crisis

Today, 04:14 PM

Obviously they should be relocated to neighborhoods with people who have more empathy than me.

Or maybe you should move to an area with more heartless a-holes? One of them probably can score some cyanide.

In Topic: U.S. 'turning the tide' on the opioid crisis

Today, 04:11 PM

Which leads me to believe that cutting off, or severely limiting the supply is the best route.

The supply definitely needs to be limited/controlled. And to build upon your earlier post, I'm sure we'll agree the same can be said for guns.

In Topic: U.S. 'turning the tide' on the opioid crisis

Today, 04:08 PM

Thats not news to me either. Im giving you my wish list here, which starts with them festering someplace else.

OK, but that isn't a viable solution.

In Topic: Sandra Day O'Connor has dementia

Today, 03:57 PM

Trust me, you have to be knee-deep in it. But even then, even towards end-stage, there are those moments of lucidity followed by flashes of panic where you know what's wrong, but are powerless to do anything about it.

It's a long slow Journey to get to the point not being cognisant. Days filled with fear and Dreadful resignation.

Honest to Christ, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Unless you've been diagnosed, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I've had much more experience with demented patients. And like you, I've also taken care of elderly family members losing their faculties.


But it ain't worth getting into a pissing match over. Dementia sucks for everybody.

In Topic: Voter ID suppresses minorities from voting?

Today, 03:54 PM

NYS benefit cards, which cover Medicaid, have a picture. Again I ask, no one should have to show ID to vote, is that what is being said?

Look up Medicare and Medicaid cards on Google. 


The argument is voting should be as accessible as possible, and voter ID laws limit accessibility, disproportionately so for some groups.


Stated another way, many of us believe voter disenfranchisement is a much bigger problem than voter fraud. Moreover, ID laws do little to reduce more common reasons for election fraud - absentee ballots, duplicate voting, felons voting, etc. And they cost money to implement.