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  1. How many legitimate hate crimes have occurred since Trump was elected? Hint: Its a lot more than a couple of false flags. You realize hatecrimes.org has catalogued incidents during Trumps presidency, right? 345 over 6 years <<<< thousands since his nomination.
  2. Huh? I gave you the link. You narrowed it down to property crimes, which is pretty arbitrary IMO. Especially since you didn’t do the same with the cases on hatecrimes.org. This pissing match is about the most likely perpetrator for the vandalism described in the OP. Given the data we have, it’s unlikely to be a liberal set-up as you and your cronies suggested.
  3. No, Im observing confirmation bias in action. Have you read the hate crimes in that link? Even if you somehow believe all of them, my point remains: anti-Semitic vandalism is most likely to be committed by anti-Semites.
  4. Never. I change the topic when something political comes up. But it is usually pretty obvious which side of the aisle people fall. In most elections, this would translate to knowing who they voted for POTUS. Trump is a little different because even his supporters (many of them, anyway) acknowledge he is a vile human being, and as such are a little embarrassed to admit they helped him rise to power.
  5. penultimatestraw

    New Study: Climate Change report from the White House

    I suspect he thinks scientists are only found in labs surrounded by beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks. Or maybe he only believes in the physical sciences. Either way, the depth of his ignorance is impressive.
  6. penultimatestraw

    New Study: Climate Change report from the White House

    Ummmm...OK. A couple points: 1. Nobody is saying man is solely responsible for ALL climate change. 2. Nobody is saying we're gonna die in a decade, at least on this bored. I've never endorsed a timeline for catastrophe, or even said it is a foregone conclusion. We really only differ in the amount of resources we think should be allocated to the problem, and your focus on treating the symptoms of the disease rather than addressing the cause. I wouldn't characterize you as a denier any more than you should think of me as an alarmist.
  7. penultimatestraw

    New Study: Climate Change report from the White House

    My degree is in biochemistry, I’ve done bench and clinical research and teach scientific topics to trainees. WTF is your definition of scientist?
  8. Not at all. But half the white middle aged dudes on the bored act like they are an endangered species. It's pathetic, really.
  9. If youre a Trump supporter sending the gift, sure. Cant imagine many liberals would want to contribute $ to the Trump family for the sake of an ironic gift.
  10. One would think men wouldn’t remain in positions of power if your persecution complex were true. But it’s not
  11. The US, Canada, almost all of Europe, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Most other places don’t care enough to demonize us either.
  12. Yes, two of them did. I think the condos maintenance fee pays to keep the shrubbery looking nice. ETA I forgot there were 3 Guatemalans.
  13. Why do you want to live in a country where white males are always demonized, acused of sexual misconduct and passed over for scholarships/jobs in favor of minorities?
  14. I went to birthday party with several East Asians, Indians, a Guatemalan, El Salvadorian and a black chick. Plus three white dudes. What do I win?