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  1. You were dead-ass wrong about Owen Daniels.
  2. H-man

    Tampa Bay at St. Louis: In-Game Discussion

    Nothing doing for Mike Evans. Whammy!
  3. H-man

    Tampa Bay at St. Louis: In-Game Discussion

    No, but I'm rooting against him.
  4. H-man

    Just made a deal for Dez

    To drop Lacy for high-upside lottery ticket Rawls in a 10-team league (basically if Lacy is your 4th RB or worse). Own him in both my leagues and have Lynch in none! Started him over McCoy when the news came out Lynch was inactive! 36 points and counting!
  5. H-man

    Is Matt Jones worth taking a flyer on

    There's no debating he's playable in most leagues. On a neutral field, I think of him as a Ronnie Hillman type in the fantasy world. Hillman gets more touches, but Jones does more with less because he has a better run-blocking o-line and is a better runner irl. OP sounds like he's in a 10-teamer.
  6. H-man

    Who's the better QB ROS?

    Mariota is exactly 24. I love my go to guys. Hope you didn't start him this week!
  7. H-man

    NO vs WAS

    Is Ingram injured?
  8. H-man

    Just made a deal for Dez

    Looks like I gave you some pretty good advice.
  9. H-man

    Who's the better QB ROS?

    My go to guys have Mariota as the #24 QB this week, I'm gonna follow this matchup though to test their accuracy.
  10. H-man

    What's up with Ivory?

    Yeah, it's interesting. Stewart, Gore, and Foster each averaged under 3.2 YPC against Jacksonville, and Lamar Miller averaged 1.4 ypc. Conventional wisdom is they're a good matchup. Their fantasy points to RBs have come mostly thanks to seven 1yd TD runs; 3 from Blount, 2 from Martin, and 2 from Ivory. That is pretty odd. That sorta thing, a RB simply getting a 1 yard carry, can go weeks without happening.
  11. Do you think Vernon Davis will post better stats than him ROS?
  12. H-man

    Just made a deal for Dez

    You just traded a solid RB2 for a future WR1/current WR2, and are now trying to trade a WR1 for a solid RB2? What the hell's going on out here! Hey, if Doug Martin finishes the season outside the top 30, you're a genius and come back and tell me I was wrong. But now you're team is lopsided with several more WR1s than you can start and not enough RB2s for the playoffs once Forte returns and Langford's out. In a 10-teamer I'd rather have a lotto ticket like Rawls than Lacy, he's not even startable in 14-team leagues right now.
  13. H-man

    Who's the better QB ROS?

    I like Romo better than Mariota. Ask yourself, are you high on Mariota because he lit up Tampa Bay (week 1) and New Orleans last week? Because those are the 2 worst defenses vs. QBs in adjusted fantasy points allowed. Literally #1 and #2. My guys who know a lot more than I do still have Mariota in QB2 territory. It sounds like your'e in a 2 QB league and that your best bet is streaming signal callers week to week.
  14. H-man

    trading ingram and landry for dez

    Absolutely not. Ingram for Dez straight up would be a fair trade in a vacuum, but in your particular case that would hurt your team IMO. Also, IMO there's real value in having a very strong first man up on your bench at RB. You're not killed by an injury, and have the luxury of playing the matchups as well. Also, Diggs is better than Hilton btw. And Pierre Thomas is not on an NFL roster.
  15. Scouts who watched the all 22 game film gave him a positive grade last week as being one of Denver's top 5 players. Did you watch the all 22? Did you read the title of this thread? The point is they didn't like him, and now that's making him better dolt.