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  1. Adding: Iowa/Penn State O40 2.2 to win 2 Washington/Stanford O54 2.2 to win 2
  2. Adding: Pitt ML 2.4 to win 2 Ohio State 1st half ML 17 to win 5
  3. OK folks, here we go, starting fresh. NCAA: 0-0 -1 deposit Northwestern -1 2.2 to win 2 Indiana/Michigan U53.5 2.2 to win 2 Michigan State +3 2.5 to win 2 Buffalo +3.5 2.2 to win 2 UNLV -3 2.4 to win 2 California -5.5 2.2 to win 2 Virginia Tech +3.5 2.7 to win 2 Boise State -16.5 2.2 to win 2 Oregon State -2 2.3 to win 2 May add more later. Good Luck
  4. I look for a fairly close game tonight. SC will keep it on the ground but I think Mississippi wins a fairly low scoring game. Mississippi ML Under 53
  5. Bouve

    ***Official Week 3 NFL Wagering Thread***

    How do the Bears not kill Seneca and the Seahags?
  6. Bouve

    ***Official Week 2 Wagering Thread***

    Carolina/Atlanta O43.5 Arizona ML New Orleans -2.5 New Orleans O23.5 New England O24.5 Houston +7.5 Minnesota O27.5 Seattle ML Baltimore ML Tampa Bay +4
  7. Added another unit to Florida -30 as well as 2 units each on TT O42 and game total O53. Gators gonna run it up on Lane and his old man.
  8. My picks for today, 3-1 so far this week Toledo +21.5 Eastern Michigan +23.5 Kentucky -13.5 North Texas +39 Washington +19.5 Utah +5 Florida -30 Western Michigan -16 Buffalo +4.5 West Virginia +7.5 Good Luck
  9. Taking O53 tonight as well. Fresno needs to run the ball to win but once Boise gets up I think Fresno will be forced to pass to keep pace.
  10. Boise State -6.5 (130)
  11. Depending on which payout option you choose. I use E-Check and their fee is $20 flat. They offer Fed-Ex for $35 or regular USPS for $10. Never had an issue with them since I started using them.
  12. I am newly reloaded complete with a 11% bonus from thegreek Didn't really have a chance to look over this game earlier in the week and am disappointed I missed out on a few extra points. I got killed the last 2 weeks, hence the reload. If I go 0-2 tonight I won't be posting another pick until next week as I am way to superstitious and need to break the cycle somehow, maybe not posting my picks will help. Georgia Tech +4 Under 53.5 Good Luck
  13. Bouve

    ***NFL Betting Thread Week 1***

    Rough 2 weeks in NCAA and a rough week 1 in NFL. I am all in tonight on the following, double up or re-load time. New England -7 1st half 10 units New England TT O28.5 10 units