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  1. cmh6476

    Phillip Rivers is retiring

    His legacy will live on forever. How can it not with all those kids? Matt Cassell and Tim Tebow have BOTH won the AFC West as starters more recently than Philip Rivers.
  2. It won't be his call, he has to clear concussion protocol.
  3. cmh6476

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    O-line will be important. Best thing the chiefs have going for them is they seem to be drafting well and veteran players will want to play here at reduced rate to get that ring. New England has not started well, their roster proves that. And it still really didn't matter because of Brady
  4. cmh6476

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    That also doesn't take into account the salary call increase, or if they will do something different for what a qb's deal counts against the cap, which could be different under a new cba
  5. cmh6476

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    Only time will tell. Rumor was Brady met with mahomes a year or two ago suggesting he keep his deal team friendly so the team can pay other talent and make more money off endorsements. It sounds like his deal was somewhat team friendly. They re-signed kelce and chris jones after the 10 year mahomes deal. But is there a team you would bet on to win more Super bowls over the next ten years other than the chiefs?
  6. cmh6476

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    Yeah at this point he's not. But Derek carr doesn't get this far with this Tampa team either.
  7. cmh6476

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    Regardless, those are probably the best 4 in the game right now.
  8. Go packers. Tampa shouldn't get to play the super bowl at home.
  9. cmh6476

    Trade Carr or Trade Mariota?

    To all those saying you don't need an upper echelon qb, look who is in the championship games.
  10. If the chiefs make it, my last favorite matchup would be playing the bucs in their home stadium
  11. cmh6476

    Brady = goat

    For now.
  12. Whoever wins the coin flip wins this game
  13. cmh6476

    Browns @ Chiefs Divisional Round Discussion

    Andy Reid has balls the size of church bells