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  1. cmh6476

    NFL Schedule 2019

    not possible since the chiefs are going undefeated
  2. cmh6476

    New Music I can't stop listening to - PART 2

    Not sure that this counts as "new" but I was just turned onto these guys and have been listening to them a lot
  3. cmh6476

    sh1t flows downstream

    racist much?
  4. cmh6476

    sh1t flows downstream

    unfortunately Omaha’s raw sewage flows into Missouri River after flood shuts down plant, and it may for months https://www.nonpareilonline.com/news/special_coverage/omaha-s-raw-sewage-flows-into-missouri-river-after-flood/article_ab7b8602-1ef0-54f0-808b-7512793a17a0.html?fbclid=IwAR1Y-FJIT1rHk4ziFtywHhmiSQFJrCaT-cJWf5t9VWDd7g6wtucaCS_9AHI
  5. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    i'll text cdub in the am
  6. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    It's just a very stale draft. Most of my team is exclusives, either royals or players contributing with other teams. But yes, because it's the royals.
  7. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    After a sh1tty draft this year, glad people are talking about my supp pick
  8. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    do you ever sleep?
  9. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    proxy sent to ted, list of teams finalized in yahoo and GB has been given co-commish access. I should be around more today but hopefully that's all you need from me to keep this moving. Sorry for the delay. I was riding at Islnds of Adventure
  10. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    Looks like Paxton is available. Hard to tell without rosters entered. Which I guess is also kinda my fault
  11. cmh6476

    Rounds 27 & 28 Supplemental: DONE

    27.12 James Paxton, SP, NYY
  12. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    im working on my pick. who else should I give commish access to?
  13. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    M I deleted the Mets but says can only invite from a desktop. However I changed it where anyone can invite someone. Invite cdub then I'll finalize the rosters if needed cdub100@yahoo.com
  14. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    Mike's metropolitans?
  15. cmh6476

    2019 Season Discussion

    Can someone tell me which owner/ team to remove?