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  1. cmh6476

    MLB 2024

    CY Lugo
  2. cmh6476

    NCAA = rooned?

    I'm not sure how more ku can squeeze out of me for my season tickets. I'm probably invested between $6-8k this year for 4 seats to about 17 games
  3. cmh6476

    NCAA = rooned?

    I guess I'm glad to see players from my school (kansas) will finally be compensated for their contributions to the university
  4. cmh6476

    Ticketmaster is focked.

    I believe this.
  5. cmh6476

    Most Obnoxious Sports Fan Bases

    Also it's contained in the mlb thread, babies. What are we to talk about in the mlb thread if not baseball
  6. cmh6476

    Most Obnoxious Sports Fan Bases

    It's an off day so yall can quit yer b1tchin On my Facebook memories today it popped up that I was in Springfield watching Bobby Witt Jr in AA against the redbirds. I've been waiting for this team to be competing for years, fellas
  7. cmh6476

    Most Obnoxious Sports Fan Bases

    swept that ass
  8. cmh6476

    MLB 2024

    Royals starters are currently #1 (Lugo), #11 (Singer), and #20 (Ragans) in the AL in ERA, and if Alec Marsh were eligible he'd be #12. And we have #1 (Ragans), #12 (Singer) and #17 (Lugo) in K's. Never would have imagined anything like that heading into the season. An OF who could hit, and another top-end reliever would put this team over the top.
  9. cmh6476

    Chiefs OT Wanya Morris arrested

    Can you imagine being the cop arresting Mahomes for weed? He probably wouldn't work for the department much longer. When I was taking criminal justice courses the dilemma always was if you would arrest or give a ticket to your own mother. They didn't ask about my favorite nfl qb.
  10. That was fun to watch, and I don't usually watch the NBA. A lot more defense than I would have guessed and the refs really let them play without many whistles. Go markieff morris.
  11. cmh6476

    MLB 2024

    Cole Ragans says Tarik who? nice outing
  12. cmh6476

    MLB 2024

    Freddie Fermin and Garrett Hampson taking it to Tarik
  13. cmh6476

    *** 2024 Draft and Season Discussion ***