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  1. cmh6476

    Lamar Miller carted off

    Chiefs should trade them a rb
  2. cmh6476


    In 2017, Hunt's rookie year, week 1 against the Pats he tallied 17 carries, 148 yards (8.7 avg), 5 receptions on 5 targets for 98 yards (19.6 avg), and 3 total TDs. That was with the Alex Smith led Chiefs. Yeah, that took a ton of time for him to get up to speed
  3. cmh6476

    Travis Kelce

    anyone concerned with the concussion history? not that he wouldn't be willing to play through it if he could, but with him being knocked out in prior years the NFL can come in and say nope, you got's to sit.
  4. cmh6476


    Hunt finished 8th overall in standard scoring, despite missing 5 games
  5. cmh6476


    Hunt is going to be motivated as hell. He is going to come in mid-season and be fresh as hell. And for those talking about the product of a system in KC, the KC offense was much more dynamic with Hunt and when he was released it was still one of the best offenses in the league but it wasn't the same. I am concerned. This is the NFL and if you have playmakers you work to get the ball in their hands. With OBJ and Landry and Njoku and the athletic ability of Mayfield this is going to be a very dynamic offense. But for the Browns it probably makes more since to spread the ball around and keep your workhorses fresh heading into the last quarter of the season and to gear up for a playoff run. Chubb got 2-3 carries per game until week 7. Then he was getting around 18-20 carries per game with about 3 receiving targets with just a couple outliers. If you know what you have in Hunt, why wouldn't you scale that back a bit and put the ball in Chubb's hands 14-16 times a game and rely more on Hunt as the pass-catching threat who is more dynamic in that capacity? Duke Johnson was only getting 2 or 3 carries at the end of the year. I think they would be silly not to look at ways to get the ball in Hunt's hand more often than that. If I had to guess I would say for Chubb: 1st 8 games: 20 carries per game, 100 yards; 3 receptions per game, 15 yards (5 total TDs) 2nd half: 16 carries per game, 80 yards; 1 reception per game, 5 yards (4 total TDs) So an overall year of 1,600 total yards, and 9 total TDs. That's a great year but when you need to count on your top RBs the most, at the end of the year is when I think his production will drop a little. I would be a little hesitant with where he is being drafted and by all means if you get him, I would try and handcuff with Hunt very early.
  6. cmh6476

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    superbowl or bust
  7. cmh6476

    Which team got the best front 7 in football?

    it's not the vikings
  8. cmh6476

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    during the first preseason game, the announcers were talking about the backfield, and how Thompson was going to need to earn a spot on the roster. And I'm sitting there thinking, umm yeah the Chiefs are going to draft a back and then he gets cut. Ummm, no. Then the dude started getting touches and showed some electricity and it turned from him making to team to what he might be able to contribute this year.
  9. cmh6476

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    This guy has looked great this year. I know the Chiefs spent a much higher pick on Hardman and he has looked good as well, but I think Hardman is blocked by all the other great pass catchers on this team. Conversely, I don't think Andy Reid is going to hesitate getting the ball in Thompson's hands especially if he continues to show the speed, burst and vision he has displayed throughout training camp and in the first two preseason games. Long-term I don't think Damien Williams and Carlos Hyde are really going to block the opportunity for Thompson to get a significant portion of the workload even as soon as next year if not even later this season. I believe Williams and Hyde will get their opportunities to shoulder the bulk of the load but I still think in the first quarter or half of the season you will see at least 4-6 plays each game where they work to get the ball in Thompson's hands and see what he can do with it. From what I've seen so far, this guy brings an element to the team that Williams or Hyde simply won't be able to and we know how quick Andy is to turn to guys that can make plays.
  10. Fiscal conservative, social moderate. I worked for a goo congressman and am well known in the area and get asked this all the time. The answer is probably no though because state legislators make about 36k per year, put up with tons of and I would have to temper what I post here or end up like stick.
  11. cmh6476

    RIP: Harley Race

    that's getting a some local publicity as he was born and raised in the area, and started his wrestling career her in the hometown of me and nzoner.
  12. cmh6476

    DirecTV customers - we lost CBS?

    you're a cowboys fan and they are mostly on fox with troy aikman telling everyone how good they are, so who cares :shrug: