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  1. I can't wait till a car can drive me around after a night of drinking. I dream big.
  2. cmh6476

    2021 Season Discussion

    yes it was
  3. cmh6476

    2021 Season Discussion

    I feel pretty good about my Royals
  4. there's a couple pitchers out there too, like Sean Maneaa (sp?) and Mike Montgomery
  5. cmh6476

    Honus Wagner Card

    I like the idea of collecting ticket stubs as souvenirs or memories I could pass down. As many concerts or sporting events I go to, I don't like just having the access via scanning the barcode on your phone. I'd like something to hold onto and help remember the occassion by.
  6. cmh6476

    2021 Season Discussion

    Our airbnb host mentioned Louisville per capita has the most independent restaurants per capita in the country. We were just traveling through but I was really impressed
  7. cmh6476

    2021 Season Discussion

    Took the kids to the Louisville Slugger museum last week and they all really enjoyed it. Would recommend if you've never been. I've also hear good things about the Muhammad Ali museum in Louisville, but it wasn't open yet.
  8. I wonder how many times this worked before it didn't
  9. cmh6476

    March Madness Bracket Talk

    I really don't see it this year, but this is a weird damn year so who knows.
  10. cmh6476

    Okay Lets Talk Candles

    thanks, but no thanks
  11. cmh6476

    2021 NFL Draft Talk

    Mahomes' backup
  12. cmh6476

    How good are your future exclusives?

    Kinda same for the Royals with some of their pitching. Maybe even Bobby Witt, Jr., as the GM is saying there is a chance he is on the opening day roster. The problem then becomes years of service, and Royals control in later years. Of course the Padres started Tatis, Jr. opening day at age 20 and now he's got a contract with them for the next 15 years. There's only a few examples of guys taking off early in the careers and seeing success immediately, but Tatis and Juan Soto are recent examples so who knows. But Witt plays a high level defense at multiple positions (one of which is short, where most teams will sacrifice offensive production for defense), has tremendous speed, tremendous power, great plate discipline and a high baseball IQ. He may force their hand if he keeps his production up over these next couple weeks. Thank god none of you picked him in the supplemental Brady Singer (18th overall in '18) and Kris Bubic (40th overall in '18) are both expected to make the starting rotation. Those two and Asa Lacy (No. 4 overall from '20) could head my starting rotation in the very near future, as all were top-shelf college pitchers who don't seem to need a ton of time to develop in the minors. Nick Pratto also seems to be doing better, the 18th overall from 2017. I was watching spring training game last night and comparisons were being made to Hosmer's defensive ability at first, and if he can get the bat going consistently there isn't anyone standing in his way, as Carlos Santana fills a temporary void. If my 2B and SS position become filled with Witt, Jr. and Mondesi and their offense lives up to the hype, and some of these pitchers really start to pan out, you guys are going to be in trouble over the course of the next decade
  13. cmh6476

    Bears sign Andy Dalton to $10M deal

    They got tyrod taylor for more money