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  1. cmh6476

    Today’s Silverbacks

  2. cmh6476

    Today’s Silverbacks

    Checking to see my registration date..
  3. cmh6476

    What Do The Pittsburgh Pirates Do With The 1 Pick ?

    Also, draft lottery for MLB sux
  4. cmh6476

    What Do The Pittsburgh Pirates Do With The 1 Pick ?

    Trade it. Since they can't BPA
  5. cmh6476

    Your favorite stooge.

    Shemp. My dad always liked him for some reason.
  6. cmh6476

    In Chicago this week

    So I get in late Thursday night the week before MLK day. Friday reservations at Mart Anthony's, then tickets to the Bulls/ Thunder Saturday lunch at the Berghoff, dinner reservations at Corcoran's (there's an afc divisional game on at 7:15 pm so thinking ahead), and Second City later that night. I'm really hoping the Chiefs get the 1 seed and don't play this weekend. Sunday I don't have much planned and would like to find something to do. Have reservations to Gene & Georgetti's that night. Was thinking maybe the Green Mill later that night. Monday lunch reservations at Pequod's. Would have time to do something on Monday as well, and probably time to grab dinner somewhere before flying back late that night.
  7. cmh6476


    I think most people can name some of the strongest rivalries in the country, and MU/ KU is one of the more prominent ones. And it's not like this was a banner year for either program. But rather than playing Arkansas or Wake Forest (who we each ended up against), a game against each other would have been a huge boon for both states. Travel would have been off the charts and the game would have sold out, and people would have made a point to tune in at home. That isn't the case for either team's bowl game as it ended up being.
  8. cmh6476


    Check now
  9. cmh6476


    So we all know Kansas is MU's biggest rival. And when it was looking like both schools would have a potential match up in a bowl game both fan bases were getting excited. The liberty bowl, in close diving proximity offered an SEC/ big 12 match-up. Early last week news broke Missouri didn't want to play ku in the liberty bowl. After looking closer mizzou didn't want to play in the liberty bowl because they play Kentucky in basketball at home the same day and didn't want to split the fan base. So now ku gets Arkansas in Memphis and mizzou is headed to Tampa to play wake forest. Much less intriguing matchups for either fan base. Lame thing to do by the school, or correct call?
  10. cmh6476

    Heading to Memphis

    Graceland. Liberty Bowl. Maybe National Civil Rights Museum
  11. cmh6476

    Heading to Memphis

    Any don't miss restaurants?
  12. cmh6476

    NCAA Football

    Looks like I'm headed to Graceland
  13. cmh6476

    NCAA Football

    Georgia, Michigan, TCU and Ohio State picked for CFP
  14. cmh6476

    Deshawn Watson

    I'm 10-2 with a2 game lead over everyone else so I'm rolling with him over geneo