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  1. IndyTom

    Posters we lost in 2014 - RIP

    I came back after two years - simply just to reply to this thread.
  2. IndyTom

    Vegas Odds and Week 17

    Thank you! Yes - it's been awhile. Time to catch up! Thanks for the tip!
  3. IndyTom

    Vegas Odds and Week 17

    Does Vegas factor in that a team may bench all of their starters (or not) ? Take Dallas - for example. Presently -6.5 against the 'Skins. Would it be higher of they had something to play for or is this spread making the assumption that Romo may sit out most of the game?
  4. IndyTom

    Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns - In-Game Discussion

    Weeden or Campbell?
  5. I concur - MKB4 used to post breaking news here before the likes of Mort, Glazer, Florio, etc would post them on the national media sites. We would come here to get the late breaking news. With other outlets (as you mentioned) doing this homework for us, not to mention Fantasy sites like Yahoo, etc. partnering with Roto and the like, there isn't any reason to post on Sundays aside from blowing off steam. Not sure what happened to MKB4 (or his wife), but if memory serves, he wished everyone "Merry Christmas" from FFT, was subsequently banned, started his own site, then disappeared into FF lore. Meanwhile, FFGuys, who used to share the same amount of traffic as this site, is now 10x larger. Not sure what their formula is - aside from having moderators with draconian policies - but it seems to work.
  6. IndyTom

    Is picking IR guys up a shady move?

    You know I like it! My link
  7. IndyTom

    Thursday Night Football sucks

    Um.. I like watching Thursday Night Football as long as the girlfriend let's me.
  8. IndyTom

    ESPN: Cushing - torn ACL

    Adam Schefter informed Mike and Mike this morning that Cushing has a torn ACL.
  9. IndyTom

    Where will Bill Polian Be Next Year?

    He was fantastic for the Bills and Colts (big picture). I am sure he will easily land on his feet next season (with his son Chris in tow).
  10. IndyTom

    Who played better yesterday - Brady or Peyton?

    Good stuff!
  11. Will he be running a team next year or still part of a network halftime show? Thoughts?
  12. IndyTom

    What do you need Monday Night?

    I need Schaub to get hurt early in the 1st quarter. Nothing serious that will keep him out next week - just tonight.
  13. IndyTom

    Who played better yesterday - Brady or Peyton?

    I loathe the Manning vs Brady stuff for these very reasons. Can't we all just agree they both kick ass?
  14. IndyTom

    Who played better yesterday - Brady or Peyton?

    So are we supposed to ignore the performance of the defenses in order to rate the performance of said QBs?
  15. IndyTom

    Lost by 2 points.

    I lost on Matt Ryan's victory play a couple of weeks ago. He had 21 yards rushing and lost 2 yards on the kneel. I lost my game because he dropped below 20 yards rushing. Its aggravating losing like this and yours too. Dropped balls, penalities negating TDs etc. Everyone who plays FF gets stung by this from time to time.